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Accenture Federal Services to lead multiple sessions


Accenture is Salesforce’s #1 Systems Integration Partner. Having implemented projects in over 1,100 global enterprises, our team helps clients drive innovation that scales with the demand. As the exclusive Experience Sponsor of Salesforce World Tour, Washington D.C., we will be speaking and showcasing our expertise and solutions.

The event is complimentary, but registration is required.


Don’t miss two chances to hear Accenture’s point of view. Join our sessions on:

  • Leading IT Transformation with Digital Service Centers
    Agencies are embracing Salesforce as their enterprise digital platform to meet overriding demands to accelerate IT modernization and improve governance. Out-of-the-box, Salesforce delivers best-in-class capabilities and cloud-based extensibility to meet a wide variety of business requirements – faster and at less cost. Digital Service Centers are a key strategy to fully unlock the platform’s value. Consistent with recent GSA guidance, these Centers of Excellence can serve as an agency’s digital factory, reducing development costs, accelerating deployment and driving innovation. Digital Service Centers bring together critical skill sets in human-centered design, business architecture and data sciences to work collaboratively with stakeholders using agile and design thinking practices.

  • Using Service Design to Deliver an Integrated 360° Citizen Experience
    A growing number of mission-driven government agencies are embracing service design to craft new and completely reimagined existing services. This demands not only rethinking physical and digital channels, but also processes, culture, and systems enabling mission success. It’s no surprise that leveraging Salesforce as their digital platform continues to offer a great user experience for their workforce, while enabling and maintaining customer data to ensure successful interactions, better citizen engagement and improved outcomes. The key is truly in taking the vision into practical implementation to ensure the full integration of experience for citizens and customers.

For full session details, visit the Salesforce World Tour Sessions page.


With Salesforce Einstein’s AI and analytics driving workflow, we help clients advance beyond the traditional framework of Salesforce CRM to create intelligent experience that are helping businesses make better decisions. By harnessing the power of Salesforce Lightning combined with our design-thinking approaches and user-focused solutions, we deliver innovative, digitally-driven customer journeys with our clients. They, as a result, create rich customer experiences, at scale.



The Salesforce platform allows government agencies to quickly implement best-of-breed digital services supporting a host of mission, business and operational requirements. Out-of-the-box, Salesforce addresses the most critical requirements of digital government – Mobile First, User-centric, Agile, Insight-driven and based on Digital Trust. Learn how Salesforce provides the foundation for scalable, sustainable and cost-effective government service delivery.



The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has selected Accenture Federal Services to support their enterprise deployment of the Salesforce platform to improve service delivery. We are supporting the VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface Redesign (VALERI-R) program, helping them modernize this critical system to provide better oversight, increased security and reduce servicing costs. Separately, we are also working with the Veterans Benefit Administration to take advantage of human-centered design to improve service delivery for Veterans.


Jerad Speigel

Jerad Speigel

Managing Director, Salesforce

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Michael Lutz

Michael Lutz

Managing Director, Cloud First

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Dave McClure

Dave McClure

Director, CIO Advisory

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