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Join Accenture Interactive at SXSW!

Attend our speaking sessions, visit the demo lab, or check out our lounge for the latest ideas across digital.

Event Details

Accenture Interactive is hosting a unique Program Day on March 15 during SXSW Interactive to share our perspectives on all things digital. Join us for six powerful presentations packed with topics designed to inspire you to think about the far-reaching impacts of digital and the future of the interactive space. Learn more about them below.

In between sessions, visit our lounge and demo lab, where guests can recharge, network, and interact with some of our most innovative tech prototypes (like the Tech Tat).

Where: Courtyard Marriott, 300 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Speaking Sessions: Rio Grande Ballroom

AI Lounge and Demo Lab: Brazos Ballrooms

Location info

When: March 15 from 9:30am to 6pm

Learn more and register:

Program Day Agenda

Designing for Sh*t That Doesn't Exist Yet

9:30AM - 10:30AM

The explosion of smart devices and apps ushered in a new go-to strategy for software design: “Hey, there’s a screen for that!” The result? Cutting-edge digital experiences... without the screen. Learn More

Getting Personal: The Customer Genome LIVE @ SXSW


To capture the “why” of personalization, each interaction must be decomposed into its various traits, then mapped to the genome, creating a fluid individual profile of unique preferences, needs and passions. See your own SXSW customer genome based on your activities, the restaurants and bars you’ve visited, and your social interactions.
Learn More

Adventures in Digital!


Join Accenture Digital’s Anand Swaminathan as we explore the transformation of digital capabilities and the ecosystem and discover how this evolution will allow us to reimagine the way the world works and lives. Learn More

Mars One—Humans on Mars in 2027


Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. The cost of the mission – $6 billion USD – will be financed through investments, and the return on investment comes from media rights, intellectual property rights and related business cases. Learn More

2016 Top Trends: Service Design & Experience


Micromoments, faceless services, and disappearing apps. Points of eXperience, the thinking list, and etiquette allies. These are just some of the digital trends we'll discuss in this panel, exploring how these ideas are set to impact the real world and shape both consumer expectations and service design over the coming 12 months. Learn More

Car Shopping: The Final Frontier for eCommerce


Today, you can’t buy a car online from a new-car automobile dealer. How should this very traditional shopping experience evolve? Join us to learn more about what's next in the auto industry: Uber, autonomous cars, car ownership, and real innovation in the auto retail sphere.
Learn More

More Sessions!

In addition to our Program Day, thought leaders from Fjord and Chaotic Moon are also hosting sessions throughout the SXSW Interactive festival.

How to Prototype for Better Design

Friday, March 11 11:00AM - 3:00PM

In this workshop, we’ll run through the basics of prototyping and the benefits and pitfalls of some of the more popular tools. You'll also receive hands-on training in order to master the basics of prototyping. Learn More

The Future of Grocery Shopping

Sat, March 12 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Chaotic Moon will demo the SmartestCart and use it as a launching point to discuss what the future of shopping could be and, on a larger level, how to create the best user experience possible. Learn More

How to Keep Your Design Job in the Next Five Years

Sun, March 13 12:30PM - 1:30PM

In the near future, we will witness significant changes that will impact our discipline. From gaining new skills to embracing new technologies, designers will have to evolve to survive. Learn More

Zen and the Art of Motion in User Interfaces

Tues, March 15 12:30PM - 1:30PM

We explore the benefits of motion in user interfaces to truly elevate an experience, and discuss how to overcome the most common roadblocks to implementation. Learn More

Think Outside the Screen: UX With No UI

Tues March 15 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Join Greg Carley from Chaotic Moon to discuss design pioneers from the past and present, evaluate the tools and methods we rely on now, and offer our ideas for the nebulous world of future tech. Learn More

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