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Accenture AI Hackathons

The Race Is On
At our artificial intelligence (AI) hackathons, Accenture technology professionals gain unique opportunities to learn, hone and master the fast-evolving skills they need to serve clients’ future digital needs. Lockup

Rotating To

The New With AI

As Accenture clients rotate to the new, they demand both innovative solutions for their toughest challenges and the technical know-how to effectively deliver those solutions. We are committed to training our people on the latest technology skills so they can deliver innovative AI solutions to our clients.

That’s the idea behind our global AI Hackathons – hands-on employee training events spanning 16 hours of collaboration over two days.

AI skills are not a prerequisite. Rather, we expect our people to bring a desire to learn about AI and how it can help overcome challenges and boost competitiveness.

Hackathon teams are trained in our ecosystem partners’ technologies, and they can mix and match from a variety of options: AI-based platforms or virtual agents (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Watson, for example), as well as Accenture tools (our Robotics Platform) and open source technologies.

Where they go from there is completely up to them. Let us tell you more.

Rotating to the new



In June we launched the AI4Clients Hackathon. In this challenge, we asked contestants to apply AI technologies and focus on prototyping AI applications for client problems across various industries.

Building on the success of the first two events, our AI4Client Hackathon participation included approximately 700 contestants in 32 global locations.

Teams were required to have a variety of technical skills as well as 1) fundamentals of machine learning; 2) familiarity with design thinking methodology; and interest in societal issues.

AI Inside


In our first hackathon in April, we challenged our people to apply AI technology to improve one or more internal Accenture processes, such as recruiting or staffing of people with specific skills to client projects.

Employees were given materials, training sessions and three weeks to become proficient in their AI technology of choice.

Nearly 1,000 employees, divided into teams competed in 38 cities around the world. The solutions were reviewed and voted on by Accenture leaders.



During our hackathon in May, employees focused on how AI technologies can be used to improve society and how people work and live.

Contestants created teams consisting of people with complementary and diverse skill sets (in other words, it’s not all about the technology).

At least one person on each team was tasked with focusing on the social side of the challenge to better understand how AI will impact end-users.

Winners were judged on several considerations: innovation, business value to Accenture, quality of user interface, and overall presentation.




We’ll be sharing content and details about what’s happening at the Accenture AI Hackathons / Connect with Accenture Technology and join the conversation.

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