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2016 CWDA Conference

County Welfare Directors Association, promoting innovation, transforming communities


The CWDA Conference brings together a cross-section of California human services professionals, state directors, administrative policy makers and more to discuss the latest trends and challenges to improve the outcomes for some of the most vulnerable California families and citizens across the state.

Accenture is pleased to sponsor the CWDA conference to be able to learn and share leading insights and innovative solutions to help public service leaders deliver better results for individuals, families and societies in a digital era. You are invited to stop by our exhibit booth to learn more about how we are working with leading agencies in California and around the world to deliver public service of the future, today.

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More than 2,700 Accenture employees live and work in California, and these fellow citizens share your dream of a more responsive, more efficient government. We are dedicated to using our industry-leading expertise to team with California agencies and governments to bring better outcomes and deliver greater value for all Californians.