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The freedom to manage

Get the freedom to manage and ability to focus on your core mission while achieving your vision of operational excellence through EVMO.


Accenture understands that many organizations face a myriad of challenges such as evolving customer demands, hiring and retaining resources with the right skills, increasing costs and operating globally.

As a result, companies who directly provide services or products to the government need a partner with a detailed understanding of Earned Value Management, EVM, and proven results to simplify program delivery management, eliminate the high cost and rigor associated with independently designing an EVM solution and the ability to start or stop EVM operations or the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.



Transforming Your Earned Value Management Systems

Accenture is helping leading organizations transform their Earned Value Management Operations so they can have the freedom to focus on their core mission and achieve operational excellence.


Over a decade ago, Accenture established and operationalized its Earned Value Center of Excellence. Since then, the tools, processes, and people have been mobilized to support numerous federal agency contracts including DoD, DHS, and the Intel community. From this, Earned Value Management Operations, EVMO, was developed which offers the expertise gained from our own experience to assist in managing your programs and helping you focus on your core mission.

Accenture's Earned Value Management Operations offering combines the processes, tools, technology infrastructure and resources to enable the following results for our clients:

  • Mission Focus: Ability to focus on the mission, customer requirements and overall program management

  • Intelligent: Increased analytics from turning data into actionable insights, leading to enhanced decision making

  • Operational Excellence: Customized EVM techniques and innovative technologies to effectively manage and control project execution

  • Cost Effectiveness: Up to 40 percent cost reduction, no upfront capital costs, one convenient monthly fee and no software or hardware maintenance needed

  • Flexibility: Quick, streamlined implementation with ability to scale up or down as needed

Additionally, EVM operations can become fully operational in months, not years. There are no upfront capital expenditures and operating costs are lower than organically developing an internal EVM capability. Both operational risk and compliance risk is reduced by partnering with Accenture.

Accenture Earned Value Management Operations. High Performance. Delivered.

Client Case Studies


Bryce Harding
Bryce Harding

Director, Earned Value Management Operations

Bryce Harding leads our Program Controls and EVMS practice for both Accenture and Accenture Federal Services globally. With over seventeen years of EVMS, program management, client delivery, and finance experience at Accenture, he leads the development and growth of the first EVMO managed service offering in the industry. Prior to Accenture, he held executive positions with Station Casinos, Electronic Data Systems, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Bryce also is a nationally ranked squash player representing the United States in international competitions.

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