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As consumer goods companies increase their focus on in-store execution, product presentation and positioning are key factors in winning the purchase at the point of sale (POS). The Accenture CAS Digital Merchandising Service offers companies a fast, actionable, and reliable view of their products' POS presence and placement.


  • Improve shelf performance
    Provides a fast and reliable view of a product's presence and placement in-store reducing out-of-stocks and increased SKU availability.

  • Increase labor efficiencies
    Reduce data collection time with intuitive model application for collecting data at the POS.

  • Gain competitor insights
    Gain 360-degree view of category, including competitors. Understand impact of a new competitor entrant on client facings and share of shelf.

  • Turn insights into action
    Decreased time spent on reporting analysis with clear, actionable information to shape business strategies and make corrections in the store.

  • Better retailer compliance
    Improve in-store visibility to track whether retailers are fulfilling commitments and delivering the shelf share and ROI you deserve.


  • Retailer customization
    Personal profile and personalized list of stores for each merchandiser, as well as visit history. Automatic store selection.

  • Reporting and analysis
    Result reporting, including store and retailer compliance reporting, and multiple sharing options, as well as mobile reporting.

  • Visual tracking
    Assisted picture taking and picture quality check.


  • Optimized image recognition
    Image recognition software is optimized continuously through iterative test cycles and feedback of manual processes.

  • Mobile app
    In-store data collection with a specially designed mobile application, enabling merchandisers to capture data in a fast, reliable, and objective way.