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Accenture Digital Acceleration Centers

Bringing digital possibilities to life for communications, media and technology industries


Communications, Media & Technology companies sit at the center of the world’s digital transformation. Their offerings — content, networks, IT platforms and more — allow organizations in all other industries to be digital and go digital.

Likewise, they must transform their own businesses. The aim? To quickly become masters of operating and going to market in fully digital ways for future growth.

The Accenture Digital Acceleration Centers for Communications, Media & Technology bring to life the digital possibilities of what Communications, Media & Technology providers can become. We show how they can take the next steps in their own digital transformation journeys through cultivating ideation, sharing leading practices and offering a hands-on approach to being digital. Seeing is believing.


Top reasons to visit the Accenture Digital Acceleration Centers for Communications, Media & Technology

Digital advisors on hand to share ideas and discuss ways for you to capitalize on opportunities all along your digital transformation journey

Tailored workshops, backed by context-rich content, interactive kiosks and demos, prototypes and pilots, video conferences, research and insights, and outcome-based client stories

Try-before-you-trust innovative solutions and capabilities that exploit the potential of digital technologies

A unique experience—interactive, immersive and personal—in exploring and experiencing the power of digital to propel high performance


The Accenture Digital Acceleration Centers for Communications, Media & Technology represent a compelling mix of connected sites showcasing delivery of digital-powered solutions around the globe. Each center:

Customer Experience Icon

Features some of the leading edge solutions that help companies deliver a unique, digitally-enabled customer experience

Assesments Icon

Conducts research-backed digital enterprise assesments to help identify and prioritize digital transformation steps

Digital Transformation Process Icon

Explores each step of the complete digital transformation process for key opportunities to help solve business problems

Execution Icon

Facilities speedy, agile, effective and low-risk execution of a robust digital solution, drawing on video, cloud, mobile, and other pioneering initiatives

Proof of Concepts Icon

Helps to provide fast creation of proof of concepts to test innovation before deployment and minimize digital adoption risks

What's New

The newest Accenture Digital Acceleration Center opened recently in Dubai, UAE. The Center helps visitors understand how best to progress their digital transformation journey to deliver “smart life” solutions for everyday living—innovative offerings that today’s consumers expect for their work, homes, healthcare, cities and more.




Bringing Digital Possibilities to Life

Digital Acceleration Centers for
Communications, Media & Technology

Seeing is believing. At the Accenture Digital Acceleration Centers for Communications, Media & Technology, we bring to life the possibilities of what communications, media, entertainment and high tech providers can become by drawing on digital technologies.



Envision Your Digital Journey

With centers located across the globe our scope is far-reaching but our goal is shared. That goal is to help visitors take the next step in their digital transformation by generating ideas, sharing leading practices and experiencing new digital solutions.


The Accenture Digital Acceleration Centers for Communications, Media & Technology are open and ready to help companies accelerate their digital transformation journey. Contact us to learn more because seeing is believing.

Digital transformation is happening. For communications, media, entertainment and high tech providers, the issue is whether or not the speed and magnitude of their digital journey will be enough to delight customers, outpace disruptive newcomers and grow business.

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