Corporate Citizenship in the United States

From Skills to Succeed to the environment, we are working to make a measurable difference in the communities where we live and work.



Skills to Succeed, Accenture’s corporate citizenship initiative, helps address the global need for skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity. It does this by drawing on two of Accenture’s unique capabilities: training talent and convening powerful partnerships to develop collaborative solutions. Together with our strategic partners, we have equipped more than half a million people with the skills to get a job or build a business—more than doubling the impact we set out to achieve when we announced our Skills to Succeed goal in 2010.

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At Accenture, our efforts to ensure sustainable growth span our entire operations, from how we run our business to the services we provide our clients to how we engage with our employees and suppliers. Fostering sustainable growth for our company and our stakeholders underpins our environmental strategy, which comprises: running efficient operations; working sustainably; enabling client sustainability; and providing insights to advance sustainability.



Corporate Citizenship

Read our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report and learn more about our Skills to Succeed efforts around the world.

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