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U.S. Cellular Fall 2015 Information Technology Summit

As a long-time partner of U.S. Cellular and the TDS family of companies, Accenture is pleased to be hosting this special event with the U.S. Cellular leadership team.


U.S. Cellular Leadership Team,

Welcome to the U.S. Cellular Fall 2015 Information Technology Summit. As a long-time partner of USCC and the TDS family of companies, Accenture is pleased to be hosting this special event and bringing its technology vision, industry insights, and unique consumer research to share with you. With the help of the IS organizing committee, we have selected a variety of topics to help generate ideas and initiate further discussion on the industry trends and consumer expectations that will shape the products and services carriers offer as well as how carriers will operate in the digital ecosystem.

Topic Time Min. Room locations
Welcome 1:00-1:15 15 Superior B&C (ballroom)
Full group session:Accenture Technology Vision 1:15-2:15 60 Superior B&C (ballroom)
Transition to break-out rooms 2:15-2:30 15  
Break-out 1 2:30-3:15 45 Group 1: Superior B&C
Group 2: Huron (2nd floor)
Group 3: Ontario (2nd floor)
Switch Rooms 3:15-3:20 5  
Break-out 2 3:20-4:05 45 Group 1: Huron (2nd floor)
Group 2: Ontario (2nd floor)
Group 3: Superior B&C
witch Rooms 4:05-4:10 5  
Break-out 3 4:10-4:55 45 Group 1: Ontario (2nd floor)
Group 2: Superior B&C
Group 3: Huron (2nd floor)
Move to Happy Hour 4:55-5:00 5  
Happy Hour Networking 5:00-6:00 60 Bar Louie – back corner section

In recent years, members of the Accenture account team have had the opportunity to meet with many of you and your teams as we collaborate to support USCC initiatives, so you will likely see familiar faces in your break-out sessions from our teams. We have also brought in guests from across the country, from Chicago, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Dallas, to present insights and points of view from different areas of expertise within Accenture.

Please see the resources below where you will find presenter details and presentation topic summaries. Feel free to let us know if there are any questions you have during or after the sessions.

In keeping with the “digital” and “mobility” mindset, please use the following two online resources for this Summit event.

  • The Summit Microsite – our mobile-optimized site for the Fall Summit is a one-stop-shop for event information, including the agenda, descriptions of presentation topics, presenter bios, and further information about the topics being presented. Please access the following URL:

  • The Collaboration Hub – we will be using an innovative technology you access from any connected device to increase collaboration among meeting participants and presenters. You will use it to post questions, answer surveys and polls, and share ideas in real-time. We will have a brief orientation on how to use this technology at the start of the session. Please access the following URL:

We thank you for your participation today, and we appreciate the opportunity to be your long-term partner in supporting USCC’s priorities. USCC is a very important client to us, and we bring our top talent and deep experience across Strategy, Digital, Technology, and Operations to be your trusted execution engine to drive results. Please contact me at any time if there is a way we can be of assistance to you.

Best regards,
Mark Lazar
U.S. Cellular Client Account Lead

About the U.S. Cellular Information Technology Summit

Tech Vision: The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 maps out five key trends that will have cross-industry implications and provokes thinking about how carriers will play their part: The Internet of Me, Outcome Economy, Platform (R)evolution, Intelligent Enterprise and Workforce Reimagined. How to sum it all up? It's not just about you—or me, or anyone else in particular. It's about all of us—The "We Economy".

Telco Applied Analytics: Today top telecommunications business performers are investing in analytics and capitalizing on the data explosion to move up the analytics sophistication curve. This session will highlight ways communications providers are gaining data-based, actionable insights to address business concerns and opportunities across the company.

IoT—A Strategic Perspective: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next era in computing. There will be between 25 and 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and they will touch every business in the next three years, creating a multitude of new opportunities. Simplifying IoT is critical to becoming an IoT business. This session will discuss six critical actions required to capitalize on the possibilities offered by IoT.

Everyone's A Screenager. Now What?: This session will focus on five mega-trends from the 2015 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey. Consumers are transmitting some emphatic messages. They're pointing to a new maturity in digital and it's time for service providers and device manufacturers to turn on, tune in and transform these new digital behaviors into profitable business opportunities. ​

U.S. Cellular Information Technology Summit Presenters

Mark Lazar


Welcome Session

Mark is responsible for Accenture’s relationship with USCC and the TDS family of companies and has been working with USCC since 2012.  He is an executive in Accenture’s Communications, Media, and Technology practice and has worked extensively with wireless, wireline, and cable organizations.  He brings nearly 20 years of experience in consulting, driving client value through program and project management of small, medium, and large business transformation and systems integration projects.  Areas of expertise include front and back-office service transformation, IT strategy & organization design, mobile field force enablement, network analysis, and digital marketing.  Mark lives in downtown Chicago with his wife and son.

Jim Hayes

Jim Hayes


Tech Vision:
The Accenture Technology Vision 2015

Mr. James (Jim) Hayes is the global managing director responsible for Accenture’s ecosystem of alliances. 

Mr. Hayes and his team play a key role in selling and delivering high-value enterprise solutions and applications to Accenture's clients worldwide. He is charged with driving thought leadership related to the application software landscape, building delivery capabilities and creating differentiation through business process optimization within enterprise solutions.
Mr. Hayes has been with Accenture for more than 30 years. Prior to his current role, he served as the managing director of Accenture’s Platform Capability in India, China, and the Philippines. Based in Bengaluru, he was responsible for the development of critical selling and delivery assets across application software ecosystem including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and independent SaaS vendors. 

Previously, Mr. Hayes was the global managing director of Accenture’s Oracle practice for more than six years. Under his leadership, the Accenture Oracle practice grew to 52,000 Oracle skilled personnel. In addition to client delivery and sales, Mr. Hayes was charged with expanding Accenture’s Oracle capabilities and assets, and developing thought leadership and tools to help clients build distinctive business capabilities using enterprise solutions. He was also responsible for managing the Accenture Global Delivery Network, which provides industrialized delivery capabilities and innovative Oracle-skilled professionals to support client engagements around the world. Mr. Hayes was responsible for spearheading the global network of Accenture Innovation Centers for Oracle, including the opening of the first center of its kind within Oracle’s Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. 

Throughout his career, Mr. Hayes has specialized in helping multinational organizations implement wide-ranging, mission-critical enterprise solutions, working with and leading some of Accenture’s largest and most strategic client programs. He also acted as the overall lead for cloud and other transformational programs within Accenture, including Accenture’s High Velocity Enterprise program. 

Mr. Hayes graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management (BSIM) degree, and is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson


Everyone's a Screenager. Now What?

Paul is research manager within the Communications, Media, and Technology team in North America with a focus on Electronics and High Tech (Software, Semiconductor, Consumer Tech) and Communications industries. He joined Accenture in February 2014 and has worked on various research projects related to Digital Trust, Internet of Things, Digital Consumer, and Software Subscription Services. Paul has more than 18 years of experience in market research working with global Software, Hardware, Services and Telecommunications firms. Prior to joining Accenture, he was Senior Manager for Telecommunications Custom Research at Nielsen. Previously, Paul was Consulting Director in the Services Research group at IDC and spent several years as an Industry Analyst at IDC covering IT and Communications topics. Paul holds a degree in Psychology from Bowdoin College.

Philippe Bonneton

Philippe Bonneton


IoT - A Strategic Perspective

Philippe is part of Accenture Digital’s IoT Business Practice and is based out of San Francisco. In his current role, Philippe defines Accenture’s market positioning in the IoT ecosystem and leads IoT Strategy projects for large US clients. Prior to his current role, Philippe led Accenture Mobility’s Strategy and Corporate Development team, where he was in charge of Accenture Mobility’s growth strategy, alliances and M&A efforts.  Education: MSc in Management from the TELECOM Business School in Paris, France.  His areas of expertise include:
• Digital Strategy, Connected Products, Mobile Apps, APIs, Mobile Product Management and Business Development 
• Prior to Accenture, Philippe spent 8 years in the Mobility space, working at Orange and SFR in France and more recently at Viacom in San Francisco, where he managed a portfolio of 50+ apps, including a #1 app in the US iOS App Store and several top selling apps in the Education and Entertainment categories.

Randall Parr

Randall Parr


Telco Applied Analytics

Randall is an executive in Accenture’s Digital & Advanced Analytics practice whose career has been dedicated to driving customer experience excellence. He has a diverse background as both a practitioner and consultant. As a practitioner, Randall served as a VP of Customer Experience for a Fortune 500 company and as a VP of Product Management for a software-as-a-service firm.  As a consultant, he has led projects improving the customer experience across customer touchpoints through advanced analytics, segmentation, operations, and technology.  Randall is based in Accenture’s Dallas office.  He has an MBA and a BS in Economics from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.

Steven Howard


Applied Analytics

Steven Howard is an executive in Accenture’s Digital Analytics practice, and he has worked at the intersection of analytic marketing, customer-brand engagement, and media across financial services, energy, CPG, retail, electronics, automotive, and telecommunications clients. Steven joined Accenture with significant experience. He is known for his ability to help client’s articulate strategic objectives and outcomes. In his past work he developed relationships with automotive OEMs and electronics Chief Marketing Officers, where he contributed to strategy and implementation of telematics platforms/ecosystems and improving dealer digital marketing systems. He has designed CRM strategies, systems, analytics roadmaps, and customer engagement processes across several industries. He helps clients embed analytics into their business processes, providing actionable insights to users at their points of need. He has earned degrees and certifications in International Marketing, Strategy, Project Management, and Biopsychology from Harvard, INSEAD, George Washington, NY, Rutgers, and Emory Universities.


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