Skills to Succeed

We are helping address the global need for skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity.


Skills to Succeed equips people with the skills that open doors to employment and economic opportunity.

As the cornerstone of our commitment to corporate citizenship, it draws on two of Accenture’s unique capabilities: training talent and convening powerful partnerships to achieve tangible, measurable results. Together with our strategic partners, we have equipped more than 800,000 people with workplace and entrepreneurial skills—more than tripling the impact we set out to achieve when we first established our Skills to Succeed goal in 2010.

By the end of fiscal 2020, together with our strategic partners, we will pursue the following targets:

  • Demand-led skilling: Equip more than 3 million people with the skills to get a job or build a business.

  • Employment and entrepreneurship outcomes: Increase our focus on the successful transition from skill-building programs to sustainable jobs and businesses, and improve our collective ability to measure and report on these outcomes.

  • Collaboration for systemic change: Bring together organizations across sectors to create large-scale, lasting solutions aimed at closing global employment gaps.

Since fiscal 2011, Accenture and the Accenture Foundations have contributed more than US$220 million to support our corporate citizenship efforts, including Skills to Succeed, through cash as well as pro bono contributions of time and Accenture employee skills.




In today’s climate of constant change and volatility, building a resilient workforce is more important than ever. According to the International Labor Organization, more than 200 million people are currently unemployed worldwide, including more than 70 million young people. To keep unemployment from rising even higher, an additional 280 million jobs must be created in the next five years.

Having the right skills to open doors to meaningful, lasting employment or business ownership is critical. We launched Skills to Succeed in 2009 to address this need and to advance employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in markets around the world.

By mobilizing our people, partners, clients, and others through Skills to Succeed, we strive to make a measurable and sustainable difference in the economic vitality and resilience of individuals, families and communities.


Although Skills to Succeed is focused on reaching millions and effecting global change, behind the numbers lies the heart of this initiative: the individuals whose lives are transformed by gaining the skills to get a job or build a business. Our impact cascades into their wider communities and creates lasting change. Families and employees of Skills to Succeed beneficiaries experience improved economic opportunity, including job creation through entrepreneurship.

Whether helping a Bangladeshi woman entrepreneur challenge traditional gender roles by launching a business and achieving financial independence or equipping an unemployed young man in the United Kingdom with a set of technology skills that helped him secure a job in digital marketing, we are honored to have the opportunity to work with individuals and to help them drive improved economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

Take a moment to explore our Skills to Succeed impact map to discover more.


Convening partnerships is central to our Skills to Succeed approach.

We recognize that no single organization can adequately address the issues of employment and entrepreneurship. It takes collaboration, working across an ecosystem that includes our clients, nonprofit partners, government agencies, and other donors, to create meaningful work, lasting change and sustainable economic growth for millions of people worldwide. Convening these types of multi-faceted partnerships is not always easy—it requires flexibility, patience and an ongoing dialogue—however, we believe this type of deeper collaboration is critical to durable systemic change.

For example, we are the private-sector founding partner of Solutions for Youth Employment, a global coalition launched in 2014 in collaboration with the World Bank Group, International Youth Foundation, the RAND Corporation and our nonprofit partners Plan International and Youth Business International. Together, we are convening governments, businesses and civil society to identify new insights and scale proven solutions for increasing the number of young people engaged in productive work.

Read about some of our other cross-sector, collaborative partnerships in the 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report.


Our people are the driving force behind our Skills to Succeed initiative, and it is an enormous source of pride for them. They share their time, skills and counsel by volunteering and providing pro-bono services for activities such as conducting soft skills workshops for job seekers, creating new technology solutions for skills training, implementing new technology platforms for our nonprofit partners, and providing long-term mentoring support for entrepreneurs. Their enthusiasm for collaborating with clients, nonprofits and one another helps make a tremendous impact in our communities worldwide.

Our global online volunteering platform, myCorporateCitizenship makes it easy for our people to volunteer for Skills to Succeed and other initiatives. Last year, our people participated in nearly 600,000 hours of Accenture-sponsored corporate citizenship programs.

“The KIPP volunteer event was a fantastic opportunity to help college students find a career they are passionate about and create concrete steps to pursue it. It was gratifying to see the students come away with defined goals that would bring them to their chosen fields.”

Felix Huang
Accenture, US

Read how we help employees maximize the impact of their personal contributions by providing convenient channels through which to offer time, services, financial assistance to help their communities in our 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report.


Since its inception, Accenture and its people have demonstrated the Accenture Way with their generosity and compassion for individuals and communities in need and have partnered with relief agencies not only in the immediate aftermath of humanitarian disasters, but also in longer-term reconstruction efforts.

We pledge our support to rebuilding efforts and to helping our employees direct their contributions to appropriate organizations and relief funds as well as provide pro bono services, cash grants and skills volunteering on a regular and ongoing basis.

Further, as part of our Skills to Succeed focus, we look for opportunities where we can help make a sustainable difference to the long-term economic vitality and resilience of individuals, families and communities around the world.

For example, globally, our people contributed more than US$700,000 to the Philippine Red Cross and other charities providing local relief following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines—a country where we have a significant footprint. All in, Accenture mobilized more than US$2 million in cash and pro bono contributions to support the long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts required to help communities to rebuild through skills development and economic activity.



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