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Sean Dillon

Principal Director,
Accenture Federal Services


Sean Dillon serves as the Chief Technologist for Accenture Federal Services Department of Homeland Security portfolio. In this role, he leads the development of strategic organic growth opportunities and large competitive procurements across the Homeland Security customer family, establishing relationships with key customers and building teaming relationships with potential prime and sub-contractor partners.

Dillon leads the Homeland Security portfolio’s technology resources across a wide variety of technology areas including Agile process management, continuous integration and delivery, DevSecOps organizational change, cloud-based initiatives including private clouds, hosted clouds, and public and hybrid clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, enterprise mobility-based computing, enterprise data strategy and advanced analytics.

Previously, Dillon served as the Chief Technologist for the Intelligence and National Defense Sector of Agilex. He led the development of strategic organic growth opportunities and large competitive procurements across the Intelligence customer base. In addition, he was a member of the Advanced Technologies organization of Agilex to discover, design and evangelize leading-edge technology innovation areas for Agilex’s customers to leverage in solving their challenging mission problems. In this role, he led the product development organization and delivered intellectual property assets for Government use. One such asset was the Accenture Phanero solution. Phanero is a commercial software suite built principally for the Justice, Homeland Security and Intelligence Community Federal customers that is aimed at performing conceptual/semantic analysis, entity analytics, relationship and link analysis and non-obvious pattern detection in big data.

Early in his career, Dillon spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps, followed by 10 years at Oracle and five years at Microsoft. Through these experiences, he built his skills in systems architecture, system administration, database administration, application development, web development, user experience and graphics design. Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his family, working out in a CrossFit box and capturing life 1/250th of a second at a time with his camera.