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Immersive Data Visualization Research by Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and Accenture has delivered an innovative immersive data visualization experience in which KPIs (key performance indicators) are completely reshaped to help management carve out more dynamic data-driven insights.

Accenture and the Management Engineering and Design Departments at Politecnico di Milano worked together to identify new ways to correlate different technical and economic metrics and design and deliver a more innovative way to represent them.

The result is an advanced and immersive visual experience that generates consistent, exceptionally deep data insights and analytics.

Learn more about the Accenture Customer Innovation Network (ACIN) that contributed to the research and where the future happens every day.




During Data Lake Definition, Accenture and the Management Engineering Department integrated illustrative raw data related to utility outages (e.g., blackouts, Internet line) with new, specific and KPI-related information such as statistical, demographic and meteorological data to define relationships among non-homogeneous data.

Next, the Design Department developed an immersive visual interface which is navigable on three different monitors, that highlights new patterns and relations.

Starting from a Data Lake populated with different non-homogeneous information, management has a data storytelling flow that is integrated with data insight. The data now provide a bigger picture than ever.


Multi-screen navigation disrupts business silos with a tap. Users can identify possible connections between apparently independent phenomena. Visual analytics inject rapid insight for superior decision making.

Wider visualizations, deeper insights

The enhanced environment enables users to perform visual analytics tasks by interacting with data on three connected screens.

The single-color scale conflates two different analytical perspectives to uncover hidden patterns across data that can influence business decisions. A dot chart on the right enables navigation that incorporates new touchpoints such as Percentage Urbanization and Altitude.

Analytics insights from data

User-friendy, interactive navigation provides users with an instant overview that highlights less conventional elements.

With the axis analysis, users can correlate different perspectives and dig out hidden data logics.

Data-driven analysis and prediction

By opening a fluid and fluent dialog between Technical and Economic KPIs, the solution delivers an impact analysis of exceptional depth.

A Predictive engine provides long- and short-term forecasts on both data sets.


Luigi Solbiati

Management Consulting Executive,
Capability Network, CFO & Enterprise Value,

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Stefano Lombardi

 Senior Manager, Capability Network,
CFO & Enterprise Value,

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Michela Arnaboldi

Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano

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Paolo Ciuccarelli

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano,
Scientific Director at DensityDesign Research

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