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Mark Howard

Global Administration Segment Lead
Public Service, Accenture


In his role as Global Administration segment lead, Mark Howard leads Accenture’s global experts working with government administrative and regulatory agencies. These teams develop and lead global strategy, provide key offerings to support clients, shape thought leadership, and contribute heavily to business development and service delivery. Mark also works globally with teams identifying leading practices and trends for the future, to bring Accenture's best ideas and people to our government administrative and regulatory clients.

Before beginning his Accenture career, Mark spent a decade in a variety of executive positions in three US cities. He brought that experience with city issues and elected officials to Accenture's Government Finance and Performance Management offerings, then led the creation of a benchmarking approach for administrative operations tailored to public sector organizations, and developed performance management models for Illinois and Massachusetts. He also led Accenture's strategy and offerings in management work, with a focus on higher education clients. Mark brings experience and depth of expertise within performance management, a topic that’s been a lifelong passion and on which he’s earning his doctorate currently. He has also provided program management and business process improvement expertise to a range of clients across the globe on Accenture's behalf.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts in History at Northwestern University, and later a master's in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was first in his class. He is consistently excited to find new ways to make his community better and is exhilarated to achieve that by working directly with governments. Mark lives in Boulder, Colorado.


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