Ian McCulloh

Chief Data Scientist,
Accenture Federal Services


Ian McCulloh, the Chief Data Scientist of Accenture Federal Services, brings an extensive record of military, academic and research achievement to Accenture Federal Services’ Analytics and Applied Intelligence practice.

McCulloh is uniquely suited to lead Accenture Federal Services efforts in the convergence of emerging technologies and data types that are mission critical to national security and citizen services, given his background in computational social science and military tactics and strategy.

Prior to joining Accenture, McCulloh served as associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public health, senior lecturer in Hopkins’ Whiting School of Engineering and senior scientist at the university’ Applied Physics Laboratory. His latest research focused on strategic influence in online networks.

McCulloh retired after serving 20 years in the U.S. Army, where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and developed an expertise in special operations and the forensics of improvised explosive devices. During his military tenure, he founded the West Point Network Science Center and created the Army’s Advanced Network Analysis and Targeting (ANAT) program.

In addition, he directed interdisciplinary teams of scientists at the Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) and Central Command (CENTCOM) that were drafted to conduct global social science research in counter-terrorism and modern warfare.

A married father of four (and grandfather of one), McCulloh holds master's degrees in Industrial Engineering and Applied Statistics, and a doctorate from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Sciences.



"Ian McCulloh, PhD, is fascinated by human behavior and how our interactions with those around us can shape our decisions. He uses graph theory to build social networks that map patterns of public health issues within various sub-communities of people. Dr. McCulloh is the chief data scientist for Accenture Federal Services. His current work focuses on the application of artificial intelligence to improve democracy and government services. He also maintains adjunct faculty appointments at Johns Hopkins University in the Whiting School of Engineering and the Bloomberg School of Public Health. What do Facebook, the military, online dating, and strep throat have in common? Social networks. Dr. Ian McCulloh’s research in graph theory shows us just how versatile social network analysis can be as he applies it to healthcare, engineering health support forums, tracing sexual partners, and operating healthcare organizations."


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