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Public Sector Summit at Harvard University

June 13-15, 2017



There is no debating the digital future is here—and it's impacting government. Citizens want public services 24/7, mobile, anticipatory, personalized, and simple—just like they get from other service organizations. They want their government to be as smart as their smartphone. They want their government in their pocket. They demand a government that's ready and available when they are.

The central challenge for public sector leaders is to design government organizations for this new digital world or lose public support and legitimacy. The 2016 Public Sector for the Future Summit: Designing Public Services for a Digital World was held on June 14-16, 2016 at Harvard University and gathered more than 80 public sector leaders to work through this challenge. By convening and assembling the senior-most leaders in public sector, the Summit provided a forum for these "Chief Transformation Officers" to comprehensively address both the heightened public demands placed on governments and the growing need for government transformation.

Check back regularly for the latest video segments from public sector leaders at the Summit.

Designing Public Services


Have you explored designing—and redesigning—to deliver better outcomes and greater value? 

While the Summit may be a brief annual event, its energy and impact multiply as we bring insights back to our respective organizations. 

To continue the momentum, explore the insights, summary and highlights from this year’s Summit.





In collaboration with Accenture, the Public Sector for the Future Summit is developed by Leadership for a Networked World and convened by The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH).

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful organizations, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. The Public Sector for the Future Summit is developed in collaboration with Accenture. Find more information on Accenture’s public service thought leadership at

Leadership for a Networked World
Leadership for a Networked World develops and manages the Public Sector for the Future Summit.

Founded in 1987 at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, LNW is now an applied research program based at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard that works across the Harvard community and academic institutions globally to provide uniquely powerful leadership summits and transformation programs. Since 1987, LNW has conducted more than 200 learning events and gathered more than 12,000 alumni globally. Learn more at

The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH)
The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) hosts the Public Sector for the Future Summit. TECH, part of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is both a real and virtual space for students, faculty, alumni, and industry leaders to learn together, collaborate, and innovate. TECH enables this holistic exploration by sponsoring and supporting opportunities for the innovation community to gather and exchange knowledge via courses, study groups, mentorship relationships, innovation programs and special events. Find more information at

*Note from organizers of this Summit, Leadership for a Networked World
There is no tuition charge or fee to attend this Summit. However, attendees will be responsible for their own transportation, lodging and other related personal expenses. The sponsors of this event (including the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, Leadership for a Networked World, and Accenture) understand that the laws of many jurisdictions restrict private parties, private sector partners and/or government contractors from providing gifts or other things of value to government officials, and in some cases require reporting of such gifts. Likewise, some government officials are restricted from accepting gifts or other things of value in many jurisdictions. Although no admission is being charged to any attendee, if required by law, regulation, policy, or otherwise, attendees may reimburse the host for costs related to their attendance. In such case, the per-person price of this conference is approximately US $1,650. This includes meals (valued at US $300), materials, speakers, conference facilities, security and logistical support. In addition, the regulations of certain jurisdictions allowing for the attendance and participation of government officials and employees at events with a legitimate public purpose and benefit for the government agency, subject to the approval of the appropriate agency head, at "widely attended" events, and at educational events, may be relevant to this event. Please check with your ethics counsel to verify that you are permitted to attend this event and to determine whether any reporting of attendance and/or reimbursement of costs will be required. If documentation is needed, please contact Leadership for a Networked World at


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