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Guided selling
for smarter growth

New insights reveal sales leaders are placing big bets on achieving rapid sales growth. But they’re not always focusing on the key drivers of performance.


Insights from sales leaders reveal their number one priority is achieving sales growth.

But there’s still limited understanding of sales performance. One-quarter cannot provide accurate performance insights. Sales goals and corporate strategies are often disconnected. And the majority of sales plans are poorly understood by sales reps.

This needs to change. Without accurate performance insights and business-aware sales strategies, sustainable sales growth will be hard to achieve.

So what’s the solution?


Sales strategies focused
on driving growth at all

Around 60% rank maintaining/
increasing market share AND
improving sales forecast accuracy as

Around 2/5 don’t even rank
aligning corporate goals with sales
goals as a TOP 3 PRIORITY
- 14 points

Less than 1/5 rank
transforming to a modern
customer-centric sales as a
- 20 points

Limited understanding of performance

Only 33% analyze
the return on sales
promotion spend

20% don’t  know
sales compensation as a
percentage of revenue

25% can’t give
accurate performance

Misalignment between sales behaviors and strategic intent

Just 58%  focus on
aligning corporate goals
with sales goals
- 14 points

Only 36% say sales
plans consistently drive
precise selling

38% of reps are
confused about how to
optimize plan

Missing the target

58.2% expected to hit quota

57% hit quota

48% simply add a percentage increase to quotas each year

Too little focus on retaining talent

Around 25% voluntary
and involuntary turnover

Only 50% prioritize
‘attracting and retaining’
top talent + 6 points

10% don’t even
assess rep retention + 4.7

Around 1/3 of reps
don’t receive sales
performance metrics

63% of rep coaching is
based on insights from
manager’s own experience

Source – Accenture 2015 CSO Insights Sales Compensation & Performance Management
Analysis of Technology Companies with >USD1B revenue