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Accenture Advanced Enterprise Testing for SAP


A bundled offering that includes all elements required for testing SAP: development and test environments, testing tools, conversion tools, pre-defined test scripts, and a test data management solution.

"The Accenture Cloud Platform helped NatureWorks move from substantial capital expense to a lower cost, and gave the company immediate capabilities to install and run an ERP system."

Patrick Brunner

Chief Financial Officer, NatureWorks


Accenture Advanced Enterprise Testing for SAP on Accenture Cloud Platform provides an optimal testing setup and commercial flexibility needed to differentiate in the marketplace.

Testing Setup:

  • Environment provisioning and implementation time/effort reduced from weeks to days

  • Rapid start-up of a SAP testing project

  • Leverage of pre-existing testing plans and industry-specific test case

Commercial Flexibility:

  • A pay-per-use model for test data management and testing tools

  • Reduce capital spend via pay-per-use arrangements pre-negotiated by Accenture

  • Industrialized service leading to reduced costs

  • Reduced procurement time in negotiating contracts with multiple testing vendors; reduced IT team efforts in hardware acquisition, software selection, and installation, and training with multiple tool vendors

  • Optional use of each components of this offering to address specific organizational needs

Key Features

Accenture Advanced Enterprise Testing for SAP on Accenture Cloud Platform is supported by successfully demonstrated and consistent testing practices.

  • Provisioning of SAP non-production environments (i.e. development and test environments).

  • Provisioning of testing tools (HP).

  • Provisioning of data conversion tool (SAP Data Services).

  • Use of pre-defined test cases (SAP Transaction codes for core SAP modules).

  • Use of SAP test data management tool (EPI-USE Data Sync Manager).

Case Study

Using ACP, Natureworks, a major chemicals company, was able to deploy an SAP ERP system to 150 users in nine months smoothly and efficiently.