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Accenture Cloud Infrastructure Services


Accenture Cloud Platform infrastructure services provide self-service requesting, provisioning, and deployment of virtual infrastructure across an expansive list of global infrastructure providers. This includes virtual servers, virtual networks, and storage from the cloud as well as an integrated 24/7 service desk for support. This automated functionality allows users to build, deploy and manage their own virtual infrastructure and cloud solutions rapidly.

"By providing a pre-integrated selection of services through the Accenture Cloud Platform, Accenture can focus on helping clients choose the right products and services for cloud delivery."

Katy Ring

Research Director, Global IT Services – 451 Research


The infrastructure provisioning service provides a single, unified web portal to order, provision, deploy and manage cloud environments across a selection of virtual cloud infrastructures. When combined with optional Accenture cloud management services, customers are provided a complete managed infrastructure cloud solution.

Simplicity of oversight and stronger governance:

  • One stop shop to request and provision pre-approved services

  • Transparency of usage, availability and performance

  • Centralized support services and service level management across multiple service provider

Increased business agility:

  • Accelerate service adoption with integrated robust services

  • Automation and orchestration of repeatable manual tasks

  • Capacity and services when the business needs it

Reduced risks:

  • Automated alerting, notifications and event management

  • Improved service assurance provides better service oversight and visibility

Key Features

Accenture Cloud orchestration solution provides a web-based portal and technology platform for the requesting, provisioning, and management of cloud services. The Platform is built on a framework that standardises and automates the management of cloud resources and services, both private and public and includes the following core service features:

Public cloud infrastructure: The expanding list of pre-integrated infrastructure providers to select from include Amazon Web Services, Verizon, NTT Communications, Microsoft Azure.

Environment Provisioning services:

  • Server Provisioning: Provisioning and monitoring of virtual servers with the ability to deploy standard configurations. Automated for ability to stop, re-start, delete virtual servers and modify their attributes.

  • Storage Provisioning: Provisioning for storage including local attached storage for virtual machines, and the ability to easily alter storage levels.

  • Network Provisioning: Provisioning for virtual networks (VLAN) to enable virtual servers to communicate. Ability to modify ACL rules and provision/manage IP addresses.

  • Service Desk: Integrated support provides 24X7 comprehensive support for cloud services including ticket escalation.

  • Cloud Hosting & Storage: Hosting and storage for cloud base infrastructure and cloud environments through pre-integrated cloud providers.

Cloud management services: Optional add-on services to secure workloads including OS administration, OS patch management, antivirus management, infrastructure and application monitoring, backup/restore services.