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Accenture Application Security Testing as a Service


Accenture Application Security Testing as a Service is a real‐time, cloud-driven solution that inspects an application's security posture to discover vulnerabilities. The service enables clients to request an on-demand security review of their Internet-facing web applications at any point in the development, testing or production processes to understand the vulnerabilities and choose remediation options.

"By providing a pre-integrated selection of services through the Accenture Cloud Platform, Accenture can focus on helping clients choose the right products and services for cloud delivery."

Katy Ring

Research Director, Global IT Services – 451 Research


Accenture Application Security Testing as a Service offers static and dynamic Application Security Testing capabilities with a cost effective, pay per use model – ideal for full lifecycle testing and application portfolio security posture management.

Integrated Accenture Application Security Testing as a Service packages with low upfront investment:

  • Services are pay-by-use, shifting the client cost structure from a high initial capital expenditure to a low periodic operating expenditure

  • Enterprise scale secure source code development and validation without long-term IT capital and operational expenses, powered by HP

  • Low risk approach – begin with an assessment to gain insights into systemic security development problems and then expand based on priorities

Increased business agility:

  • Automate secure SDLC implementation and make validation transparent to developers

  • Increase speed to actionable results for development initiatives

  • Flexible commercial models for end-to-end expert delivery with remediation strategies and implementation support

Stronger governance and increased visibility:

  • Enable a global enterprise to centralize its SDLC security testing and prioritize actions

  • Transparency of usage and performance across the enterprise for optimization

  • Increase visibility of improvement areas within the internal SDLC or software providers

Access to capacity professional security services:

  • Direct access to experienced security architects to support the results analysis, planning/roadmaps, prioritization and remediation implementation

  • A flexible portfolio of threat & vulnerability management services to match diverse and evolving needs.

  • A comprehensive set of security offerings to enable implementation of necessary controls and countermeasures for balanced security.

Key Features

Customers subscribe to a scanning package for specific applications, with each package consisting of security tests with selectable testing depth, frequency and results analysis.

  • On demand onboarding for source code, dynamic and binary scanning ranging from one application to the entire client application portfolio

  • Standard and advanced support options

  • Enable consistent security across mobile and cloud based applications

  • Advanced security tests to eliminate false positives (on-demand)

  • Supports compliance for PCI-DSS and other international compliance standards

  • Large number of languages supported (Java, .NET, C/C++, etc.)

  • Assistance with client application vulnerability remediation efforts

  • Market-leading static and dynamic capabilities, powered by HP