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Accenture Development Tools in the Cloud


Accenture Development Tools in the Cloud is a platform that deploys and manages development and test environments pre-configured with Accenture delivery automation blueprints.

"Accenture has invested heavily in providing value-added services and capabilities for enterprise to confidently manage cloud operations with the Accenture Cloud Platform."

William Fellows

Research Vice President, CloudScape – 451 Research


Accenture Development Tools in the Cloud is a manageable and scalable solution that offers projects the ability to drastically reduce the lead time in having development & test environments up and running, with the key tools deployed and ready to use.

  • Instantly provisioned: No waiting days or even weeks for an environment to be provisioned. Environments should be available for project use within 24 hours.

  • Pre-configured and post configurable: Our way isn't the only way….. Environments should be pre-configured to meet a variety of different standards and support post-provisioning configuration to meet project and/or client needs.

  • Secure and resilient: Adhere to policy and keep on working...Environments should have appropriate and agreed security and availability requirements (including disaster recovery).

  • Cost-effective: Act like a product company, industrialize and be competitive...All services should be easily accessible and offered at a price-point that is cost-effective to broad-scale use across our projects.

Key Features

The available tools take projects from requirement management to test as well as providing traceability and reporting across the full project.

  • Requirements management.

  • Source code management: Includes control, tracking, scanning and static analysis.

  • Code deployment, release management and packaging.

  • Bug tracking with unit and functional testing.