Accenture’s technical infrastructure supports and spans an environment of end-user, workstation devices—including laptops, tablets and smartphones—for both internal operations and client services across the globe. Complexity within this environment ranges from a large, highly standardized laptop fleet for Accenture’s typical end users, to specialized client delivery environments with unique workstation and server configurations, and custom connectivity to a client’s technical environment.

Securing this technological environment is one of the most fundamental issues we face, and with a fleet of tens of thousands of devices, Accenture has raised the bar high to keep them safe and protected. Accenture’s focus goes beyond essential maintenance, to investing in technologies that drive automation and security compliance at speed and scale. Such automation can be complex as we strive to stay current in an ever-changing environment.

Strategy and solution

Keeping technical infrastructure and data secure while allowing employees the appropriate flexibility to work effectively is a continual challenge. To address this situation, Accenture’s Information Security organization further advanced its approach to workstation security compliance through real-time automation. In collaboration with Accenture’s internal IT organization, an automated security compliance tool was designed to secure and improve the employee experience. Operating in real time, this innovative automated tool uses advanced security technology running silently as a background service to enforce workstation compliance and asset management standards.

The tool runs on a frequent schedule, providing real-time, automatic fixes without disrupting the employee. For issues that cannot be immediately remediated, a pop-up message is generated on the workstation, alerting employees to submit a digital service ticket for prompt remediation.

Speed of patching
With this automated security tool, we raised the bar for the speed at which we stay current with patching compliance, leveraging best-in-class technologies (controls and processes) that provide protection against threats. Accenture’s accelerated patching program is viewed as best in class.

Data analytics: Knowing the state of Accenture’s fleet
In designing the tool, Accenture set aggressive internal targets for workstation security compliance. Through the tool’s automation capability, data is available to analyze root-cause analysis for any device found to be noncompliant. With this enhanced knowledge, Accenture’s Information Security can take quick action to determine how to remediate the issue, as well as prevent it from occurring again.

Leveraging data analytics
Through the analytics gathered by this security compliance automation tool, Information Security can also measure Accenture’s workstation fleet to assess compliance and risk. The analytics have expanded identified of continuous improvement opportunities and our ability to focus on prevention.


With the analytics generated by this tool, Accenture maintains a preemptive analysis of the state and health of its workstations, leveraging this knowledge to secure a broader view and scope of any abnormalities and actions needed for real-time remediation.

Further, the tool’s automation allows for prompt intervention and resolution, ultimately helping Accenture create a security posture that ranks highest amongst its peers according to cybersecurity benchmarking companies. These third-party risk evaluators use their proprietary security rating solutions to measure organizations either by scanning their networks or searching for emanations from an organization’s network and measuring various items that produce a security rating.

For Accenture, reports from such cybersecurity companies have helped the enterprise focus on key security issues to watch for and remediate. Through the security compliance automation tool, this process is made more efficient, executed through real-time automation and analysis.

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