Our girls live in a digital world. They see their parents paying bills online or buying movie tickets from their smart phones. Many even have their own devices. So why not develop their skills within the context of their reality?

Until now, Girl Scouts used cookie booths and door-to-door sales to promote their cookie program. Girl Scouts wanted girls to gain online and offline business experience and build 21st century entrepreneurial experience. In 2014, they teamed up with Accenture to help add a digital layer to its cookie program.

The Digital Cookie® platform allows Girl Scouts to set up their own personal Digital Cookie® sites, as well as track and manage orders. Not only does the digital platform expand outreach to friends and family, but it also enables customers to have cookies shipped directly to them. Accenture provided a team of digital commerce experts to take Girl Scouts cookie sales online in a way that would be safe and easy for girls to use with parental supervision.

What Accenture did

While girls are enhancing their entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills, which they learn from booths and door-to-door sales with the platform, it’s not all business. The process of using Digital Cookie® is fun. Girls get the chance to stretch their creative power in how they choose to develop and personalize their own digital business. For those who need extra encouragement or additional guidance, Girl Scouts provides a variety of tools to help girls navigate the process with quizzes, games, music and how-to videos about marketing, budgeting, and resource allocation to engage them at their own pace and level.

You have a new message

This type of email started popping up in inboxes across the country as Girl Scouts took its iconic cookie program to the next level with a digital sales platform. It is the first time in history that troop members can sell boxes of these popular sweets online and from a mobile app. It’s also expanding and strengthening the way girls learn five essential life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

People and culture

Girl Scouts is a lifelong adventure, full of friendship, connection, service and fun! That’s why every year, alums from all over the country reconnect with us to share how Girl Scouts has affected their own lives and to help give young girls the same awesome Girl Scout experiences they had as a child—to inspire them to action and to show them all the amazing things they can be and do.

Check out these stories of just a few of our Accenture people who proudly learned some of their most fundamental skills as Girl Scouts and were inspired to be future leaders.

Deborah Snyder

It was my first experience in a girl-led organization, following in the footsteps of older girls.

Angie Burke

Selling Girl Scout Cookies showed me the path to success is sweeter with teamwork.

Robin Dicker

Selling cookies forced me out of my comfort zone and taught me motivation and hard work.

Kate O’Hara

Learning how to team with others and work through challenges as a Girl Scout was invaluable and helped me become the person I am today!

Amber Hussein

Girl Scouts was always about empowerment and giving back. I gained the confidence to try new things.

Allison Fisher

Girl Scouts helped me learn how to lead with purpose. From Daisy to Senior Scout, so many unique experiences shaped my identity and career.

Elizabeth Moreno

My time as a Girl Scout taught me that being prepared and doing my best would serve me well. Those two phrases continue to help me today.

Lisa Ehrengren

As a shy child growing up, Girl Scouts provided me a safe environment to take on challenges, learn new skills and build my confidence.

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Value delivered

Millions of boxes have been sold through the new cookie websites, and the Girl Scout Cookie Program® is just one more way Girl Scouts is helping to raise awesome girls. And, the Digital Cookie® platform is more than just a modern tool for selling cookies. It expands girls’ understanding of how business and interactions change over time. It offers a glimpse of what’s possible—in innovation and in life—and it empowers Girl Scouts to empower themselves to push boundaries, try new experiences year-round, and gain confidence for a lifetime of leadership, adventure and success

About 200,000 girls are now learning valuable, real-life lessons about online marketing, app usage, digital commerce, social networking, leadership and financial literacy on the Digital Cookie® platform.

Learn more about Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts are 2.6 million strong—1.8 million girls and 800,000 adults who believe in the power of every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ to change the world.

Their extraordinary journey began more than 100 years ago with the original G.I.R.L., Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low. On March 12, 1912, in Savannah, Georgia, she organized the very first Girl Scout troop, and every year since, Girl Scouts honored her vision and legacy, building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls. And with programs from coast to coast and across the globe, Girl Scouts offers every girl a chance to practice a lifetime of leadership, adventure and success.

With your help, through the Girl Scout Cookie Program®, we can continue to power amazing experiences for girls, unleashing the confidence they need to practice a lifetime of leadership!

Support girls’ success.

Find your cookies at the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app.

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