Call for change

A large communications company wanted to optimize its global workforce and operations to drive cost efficiencies and increase revenue. It recognized an opportunity to improve customer relationships and reduce revenue leakage by digitizing processes, including billing and contract reviews.

The challenge? It was still operating a complex network of more than 60 billing platforms and couldn’t commit to sunsetting them all. The company asked Accenture, a collaborator of more than 30 years, to help drive digitization, streamline processes, and increase productivity while keeping the legacy billing infrastructure intact. This would enhance the customer experience by reducing the number of billing disputes and free up resources to reinvest in growth.

The company’s aim was to improve customer relationships and re-invest in growth.

When tech meets human ingenuity

An Accenture proprietary diagnostics tool, AIDT (Automation Identification Diagnostics Tool), was used to rapidly identify opportunities for process improvements. These included implementing robust documentation, increasing consistency and standardization, and transferring processes from legacy on-site platforms to the cloud.

Together, Accenture and the communications service provider implemented SynOps, a data-driven approach that combines human and machine innovation to create intelligent network operations.

The company harnessed automation tools, analytics and visualization software to consolidate operations from dozens of locations to just six, highly strategic ones.

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A valuable difference

Intelligent network operations are delivering enormous efficiencies at the communications company. Billing is now far more streamlined thanks to newly standardized processes and increased automation. The customer experience has been significantly enhanced as a result, with the number of disputes reduced. Intelligent automation is also enabling the company to digitize hundreds of thousands of business-to-business customer contracts and validate monthly invoices in real time, increasing the total number of validations executed. As the collaboration between Accenture and the company continues, the team is focusing on big picture, customer-centric transformations that promise to deliver a more sustainable future: from harnessing analytics to ensure the organization becomes more strategic, to leveraging blockchain to improve supplier management.


Cost savings achieved to date thanks to intelligent network operations.

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