Accenture leveraged robotics process automation (RPA) to realize operational improvements for a national commercial health insurance carrier. RPA technology played a vital role in helping Accenture and this client innovate and improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of important client-facing processes. These processes include customizing the contracts signed by the carrier and its clients (specifically large employers), onboarding new members, and servicing ongoing client (employer) and member (employee) needs.

What Accenture did

A major health insurance company wanted to address productivity challenges and improve the accuracy, quality, speed, adaptability and cost efficiency of their operations.

According to the health insurance company executive overseeing the relationship with Accenture, the company blended their requirements for innovation with Accenture's RPA ideas to take the manually intensive component of specific processes out of the equation.

Value delivered

Typically, head count, quality, and efficiency are the metrics for success. For example, new software macros have helped the carrier streamline the contract buildout process used with new clients. The solution reduced the cost and increased the speed and quality of operations by up to 5% per year in affected processes for the insurance company with the rate of process improvements expected to increase in the future as RPA capabilities grow.

Accenture and the carrier have purposefully altered their relationship to incent Accenture to focus on business outcomes and innovation rather than on transactions or head count. Accenture and the insurance carrier have also learned to collaborate better to identify and overcome challenges to the implementation of new RPA concepts at earlier stages of ideation and testing. For example, in the past, HIPAA-related security concerns delayed the implementation of successful RPA ideas by up to 18 months. Leveraging experience, such obstacles are now being managed more effectively.

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