With billions of Catholics around the world, the Vatican is one of the most powerful, long-standing institutions on the planet. Throughout the years, it has grown its communication channels to meet the needs of its followers. But while these channels have grown, they haven't always grown together. The Vatican saw an opportunity to further amplify their inspiring messages through a digital communications strategy that increased consistency and clarity, reduced duplicative efforts and took advantage of collaboration opportunities.

Recognizing the shifting media landscape and the evolving digital culture, Pope Francis wanted to find a way to transform the Holy See's communications—from consolidating a range of independent communication channels to a new operating model. So we worked with the Pope's newly created Dicastery: Segreteria per la Comunicazione (SPC) to deliver a new communications system under a single brand: Vatican News. But this was about more than simply redesigning the Vatican's digital communications channels. It was about offering a new intimacy with The Holy See, providing Pope Francis greater alignment over his message, and, most importantly, giving more accessibility to the Holy Father's message.

What Accenture did

The Vatican's digital makeover

During this digital transformation, it was important to keep the needs of the Vatican's followers at heart.

So we worked hand-in-hand with The Holy See's Ministry of Communications to build Vatican News from initial concept. We together identified pain points that hindered the Church's followers from finding the information they needed and turned them into actionable insights.

What's more, the Vatican was given a defined online look and feel. The website was rebuilt using the latest in user experience and interface design, making it easier for visitors to interact with. And we designed the new logo and other brand elements with the institution at the core, but with a modern twist. What's more, we ensured consistency between the new brand elements, website and social media graphics.

So, now the Vatican offers a new end-to-end experience for today's digital era. Importantly during this transformation, together we designed a change management program to make sure their organization transitioned seamlessly into their new digital roles and responsibilities.

Vatican News is live

The Vatican Secretariat of Communications worked with Accenture to unite hundreds of journalists, 40 languages and 3 editorial teams on one platform – The Vatican News.

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Value delivered

One spiritual word

This ancient, worldly institution has completely reshaped its communications, from internal operations to external messaging, both written and visual. And it's truly shown how to use the power of digital for the greater good of its followers. For instance, while new capabilities now allow the Vatican to more seamlessly reach followers through new social channels, they also allow for adjusting to local internet and radio bandwidth to allow the Pope's message to reach Catholics living in underdeveloped regions. All this has created new familiarity with The Holy See, and has given Pope Francis a voice closer to the people. It has enabled the Vatican to not only create a new online identity, but a digital source of content where one spiritual word is more simply and fluidly reaching believers of diverse cultures, all over the world.

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