Falling behind with new leads

How does a bank generate enough new leads to stay ahead in a highly competitive mortgage market? It takes more than waiting for new customers to find a website. And then hoping they hit the right pages when they do. Rather, success relies on exceptional data-driven marketing and optimized content that provide customers with what they need, when they need it—especially as more customers look for more mortgage options online vs. in-person at a bank.

But for UBI Banca, Italy’s fourth-largest commercial bank, this was proving to be a challenge. New mortgage leads were dependent on telephone inquiries, aggregator websites, and inbound traffic to call back forms or web chat services. And the results weren’t producing. So we teamed with UBI Banca to define and implement the first end-to-end digital marketing program for an Italian bank. It’s a marketing success story that lets the numbers speak for themselves.

What Accenture did

Creating content with customers in mind

Together, we determined that generating more leads meant engaging potential customers with the right content at the right moment on the right channel. So we defined and implemented a digital marketing strategy and business case from the bottom up. We built a Center of Digital Excellence to manage the bank’s marketing from end to end. And we supported a mortgage marketing campaign to push the bank’s interactions across all digital channels.

We created a content factory to generate engaging, relevant mortgage content for the bank’s website and developed a long-term strategy to boost organic web traffic using SEO-friendly content and keywords. We enhanced website performance and reputation by placing content driving to the mortgage landing page on relevant sites, and by making sure that the site itself wasn’t being penalized in Google searches due to technical issues or poor experience.

Value delivered

Tailored digital leads to new customers

The bank naturally had high expectations. And the outcome delivered, with numbers to prove it. Average lead generation costs are down by two-thirds—now lower than competitor benchmarks. Web and mobile conversion rates have shot up to 4.0 percent and 3.4 percent respectively. Organic web traffic to the bank’s mortgage pages is up by nearly 25 percent. Weekly average hits on their call back page are up by an extraordinary 214 percent. Web analytics are reaching new heights with richer customer data, helping further tailor their personalized experience. And the standout figure: the bank is now generating eight times as many leads from when the program began.

This means customers are more informed about the bank’s mortgage offerings, and what they’re looking for is now easier to find. That’s a marketing success that speaks for itself.


More leads generated.


Increase in organic web traffic.


Increase in hits on call-back page.


Decrease in costs for lead generation.

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