Call for change

AI-powered voice recognition is one of the fastest-growing consumer technologies today.

It’s changing how brands can interact with their customers, and it’s taking the commercial battleground right into the heart of the home. One innovative European energy provider saw voice recognition technologies as an opportunity to engage with their customers in new ways, on their terms. With millions of customer accounts, they wanted to explore how Amazon Alexa technology might let customers perform any number of self-service activities related to their energy accounts, all through voice commands. The vision: to delight new and existing customers with a fresh, simple, and intuitive user experience.

When tech meets human ingenuity

We helped this company develop a solution to let their customers manage their energy accounts simply by speaking.

Using Alexa, Amazon’s natural language processing and artificial intelligence platform, we developed a solution tailored specifically for energy consumers at pace. The resulting Alexa solution enables this company’s customers to check account balances, payment dates, and tariff periods, as well as submit meter readings, in a quick, simple, and intuitive way. It’s also compatible with the company’s growing array of smart home devices, meaning customers can perform actions like controlling their home heating—all through the power of voice. It hasn’t just created an elegant and convenient self-service experience for customers, it’s also freed the company’s client teams from answering routine enquiries to focus on more challenging and rewarding work.

A valuable difference

In developing one of the first Alexa solutions available to the European public, this company created a completely new way to engage with their customers—and empowered them to manage their energy accounts and devices in a much simpler, faster, and convenient way.

In the first six months after going live, the skill was already being used to check account balances over 2,200 times, and to check contract end dates over 650 times. Thanks to the innovative features we created, and the overall quality of the Alexa experience, the solution contributed to over a 20 percent uplift in brand benefit.

Boosted brand perception by 20%.

Drove adoption of self-service channels.

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