Call for change

Transforming data for success

AXA Bank Belgium approached Accenture as a potential partner to assist in supporting the bank’s vision to become a leading data-driven organization by transforming the organization’s data architecture. The bank was ready to successfully face upcoming challenges and become an even more agile organization responding to customer needs in changing landscapes.

For that purpose, AXA Bank Belgium had to transform its data architecture and further modernize data collection and data usage. This is where Accenture stepped in.

Translating AXA Bank Belgium’s ambition into a comprehensive data strategy led Accenture to focus on two main pillars:

  1. Develop data-driven commercial actions by leveraging even more of the available data to drive better decision-making.
  2. Improve existing data collection at every client interaction, to secure trusted operational data insights.
"For Accenture it is important to focus on the business outcomes for our clients, we are very thankful that AXA Bank Belgium trusted us to be their partner in their data-driven bank transformation."

— Adrien Kirschfink, Accenture Strategy & Consulting Client Group Lead

When tech meets human ingenuity

The successful data architecture implementation relied on a clear commitment of both organizations’ boards for proper governance, as well as the dedicated work of the AXA Bank Belgium and Accenture teams. Together, they setup foundation layers, reworked existing processes and implemented new business use cases covering vision creation, capability building, data governance capabilities, operating model and an aggregation layer for customer insights.

In addition, they rebuilt the existing data platform into an integrated data warehouse, added a self-service reporting layer, data exposure layer and near real-time data patterns.

The persistent joint efforts and collaboration led to the successful transformation of the bank’s data strategy and capabilities. Joining forces has enabled the bank to gain customer insights, add business value, enhance the data governance-operating model to meet legal compliances and facilitate the alignment of the roadmap with the business strategy.

"The seamless collaboration between AXA Bank Belgium and the Accenture team made it possible to leverage our experience and state-of-the-art data knowledge and execute the different streams flawlessly."

– SIEGFRIED JAEKEN, Technical Account Lead, Accenture

A valuable difference

Delivering data-driven results

AXA Bank Belgium’s journey to become a leading data-driven organization has been a notable success.

This collaborative project, which took several years to complete, leveraged Accenture’s expertise in data architecture and new technologies to equip the bank for its data operations. Thanks to the hard work of the teams of AXA Bank Belgium and Accenture, the bank can now leverage trusted and operational data insights to enable data-driven actions that benefit customers and the organization alike, giving the bank a competitive advantage.

"Achieving this success would not have been possible without the great team of AXA Bank Belgium and Accenture. Working as one team towards a common goal, transitioning and building skills at our company along the way were crucial in this."

— Jeroen Ghysel, AXA Bank Belgium CIO

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