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Flexible work arrangements

Accenture United States offers a “Total Rewards” package, including compensation, a range of market-relevant benefits and programs to help you manage the demands of your career and home life.

At Accenture, we offer a range of flexible work arrangements to help our people achieve work/life balance, while meeting the demands of our business. Our fly-back program, smart work initiative and client-site flexible work arrangements help address the challenges that come with the professional travel experienced by many of our consulting employees. We also provide innovative communication and collaboration tools to help increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Here are some of the various flexible work arrangements we offer at Accenture:

Flex time schedule: Allows employees to vary their start and finish times around predetermined core hours, or work their standard hours in fewer than five days by varying the length of each workday. 

Part-time arrangement: Enables employees to work less than a standard full-time schedule per week, by working fewer hours per day or fewer days per week. Usually the role is designed around a reduced workload so that job responsibilities match the number of hours worked. 

Job-sharing arrangement: Involves dividing the workload of a full-time position between two employees (usually each working a part-time schedule). It's a great way for our people to keep on the career track while allowing them more time outside of work.

Telecommuting/home working: Enables employees to work from a location other than an Accenture office or project site. This can reduce the time, costs and stress of commuting for employees while helping Accenture control and often reduce the cost of fixed office space.

Fly-backs: Help support work/life balance for employees with significant travel, often the case for consulting professionals. We offer them fly-backs to their home location, the option to fly someone to their project site, and the option to fly to an alternate location in place of a trip home.

Client-site flexible work arrangements: Help our consulting professionals, who spend much of their time working at client sites away from their home location, balance work and personal life. These flexible working options help meet their needs, while still meeting the needs of our clients:

  • Full weekend at home: Arrive at the project midday on Monday and stop client work early Friday afternoon, thereby providing for a full weekend at home. Work the same number of hours as a full work week, but compress the completion into a shorter time frame.
  • Extended weekends in home location: Work a five-day work week: four days at the project site and the fifth day in the home office or approved alternate location, with either three or four nights at the out-of-town location.
  • Extended client/home location: Work an extended period of time at a client site followed by an extended number of days at the home office or approved alternate location, without altering the standard work week requirement and just changing time of hours worked.

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