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“Innovative technology needs talented people to make it work.”
SAP Delivery Lead
+ Meet Marcela
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How did you begin your technology career?
I heard about Accenture in college and although never got through my mind work with technology (I have business degree) I was tempted by the opportunity to work with different processes and people. On my first Accenture project, an SAP upgrade, I quickly realize that successfully applying innovative technologies requires talented people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds and became clear to me that technology was more about people and how it could be used to change their lives and improve their business than anything else. I found my way.
Why does diversity in STEM matter?
It’s important to have the best possible people in every field, and STEM is no different. That means not only hiring the best technical people but also those who bring different perspectives and approaches to solving clients’ needs.
What’s unique about Accenture’s culture that enables you to create, innovate, research or lead effectively?
The collaborative spirit. Although we are nearly 400,000 people, we have an environment where you know people as individuals- by their names. This connected sense of working together always leads to discovering something new and relevant for our daily work.
What’s helped you grow your career?
Accenture believes in developing talented people. I went from trainee to senior manager in 10 years, with a new role every two years, because I was encouraged to face new challenges and given the tools and role models to help me be successful. That’s what I do for my team now.
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"I love the ability to be able to build solutions that positively impact people’s lives and that make businesses more efficient."
Delivery Lead
+ Meet Agnes
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What technologies have you been excited to work with at Accenture?
Right now, I’m working with and the interfaces that link it to other systems such as telephony. I’m also excited about figuring out how to use new technologies like block chain and automation to solve business problems and improve the customer experience.
How does working in Accenture Technology help enable you to innovate and grow in your career?
At Accenture, I get to work with the latest technologies, solve real problems, and continue to learn and try new things. Honestly, it’s continuous growth and development.
What do you enjoy most about working in a global business?
I lead a global team that includes several people based in the Philippines, and I enjoy being able to learn from the experiences of people in different countries. One of my favorite projects so far enabled me to travel to Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.
What do you think you bring to Accenture?
Having grown up in Kenya, I moved to England in high school, and then to the United States. Because I've lived in such different places, I think I bring a unique perspective and an understanding of various cultures.
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Clara Sakai
“Our team operates like one big, global family. We support and guide each other.”
SAP Business & Integration Architecture
Senior Analyst
+ Meet Clara
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What attracted you to a career in technology?
I decided to pursue a career in technology because it’s fast-changing and the field is open and accepting of all backgrounds and cultures. After working as an SAP instructor, I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to use my skills on real-world, global projects. Joining Accenture was a big turning point in my career.
What’s a typical day for you at Accenture?
In my role, I focus on SAP Business Integration with engaging projects across a variety of industries. We use new technologies, such as SAP S/4HANA and SuccessFactors. One example of this work is an end-to-end SAP system roll-out for a client that needed accurate, real-time accounting reports from branches all over the world. I was responsible for the South Korea branch. I led the entire end-to-end project, from capacity requirements planning (CRP), functional design and testing to implementation and go-live support.
How do you like working for a large, global company?
My team at Accenture is diverse. Most of us speak three languages, but we come together to speak one common language for success. We integrate a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and we also integrate business needs in order to lead our clients’ transformation to digital.
What is your best advice?
Be confident and not afraid of failure. It’s okay to make mistakes. Much like family, we support and guide each other.
Best advice: Do not be afraid of failure.
A Managing Director of my project once told me that to succeed as a consultant, I need to “talk straight and confidently” and “do not be afraid of failure.” Explaining things to clients with confidence is very important. And if we make a mistake, we have our team to back us up.
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"With technology, I feel anything’s possible and what doesn’t exist can be created."
Application Developer
+ Meet Catarina
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What do you love most about working in technology?
I started working with technology at age 17, and it was love at first sight. The ability to transform and scale the things I made gave me the sense that anything is possible!
How does working at Accenture Technology help enable you to grow in your career?
Each project presents a new challenge to think differently, to innovate, and to create a new reality. I experience professional and personal growth on every project, and as the company recognizes that growth and innovation, my career continues to grow, too.
Where have you seen the results of your work in the real world?
Many places! It makes me proud when I use a product designed and delivered by our team, like the Internet banking solution Accenture developed for a major Brazilian bank. I use it daily.
What do you enjoy most about working in a global business?
My team and my global colleagues collaborate with diverse groups across different cultures and bring out the best in each other. I’ve been with Accenture for 25 years, and I’m still amazed by how I can ask for help from a stranger on the other side of the world and receive that help.
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"My team and I get to create awesome stuff at virtually the speed of thought."
Technology architect
+ Meet Clark
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What do you love about working in technology?
I’m a Senior Technology Architect. Just as a great residential architect can design your dream home, great technology architects create great technology solutions. I often work with Oracle Cloud technologies, and I love how they enable me and my team to innovate and create awesome stuff at virtually the speed of thought.
Where have you seen the results of your work in the real world?
I see my work everywhere from our Fortune 100 customers to the everyday applications we use internally. Recently, my team and I architected and developed a New Tech application to help workers build their skills proficiency. That app now has 6,000 users. It was the first to fully use the Oracle Platform Cloud, and we delivered it in under three months.
What do you bring to Accenture?
I believe I bring practicality. I like shiny new technologies as much as the next person, but I won’t recommend a specific technology to a client if it isn’t practical for them. It’s my role to help our clients navigate the complex technology landscape to find solutions that align with their business objectives.
Looking at your career so far, what was one of the best decisions you made?
The best decision I ever made was taking on a global role focused on enabling New Tech. I love working in technology, and even at this level I can still get my hands dirty and architect my own cloud environments.
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“We’re constantly raising the bar and innovating new uses for new technology.”
Systems Consultant
+ Meet Taiki
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Why did you pursue a technology career?
When I was in college, I realized I have a logical mind, and I wanted to create social value with my work. Technology uses logic to improve our lives, so it was a natural career choice for me.
What technologies have you been excited to work with at Accenture and why?
I’m excited to work with marketing automation, content management, web analytics and other digital marketing solutions for our clients. New technologies are changing marketing best practices in industries as diverse as fast fashion and electronics manufacturing. It’s exciting to see the results of my work when I visit our clients’ corporate websites and receive their marketing emails.
What is your team like and how do you work together?
I work as a technology consultant with a group of engineers and marketing experts from Accenture Interactive. We’re building a lead-management business package to help mature businesses launch quickly into emerging markets. As a team, we’re diverse in terms of nationality, language, gender, business backgrounds, areas of expertise, and individual values. It’s the most dynamic business environment I’ve ever seen, and it works because we respect each other and recognize each individual’s contributions.
What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Rely on your supervisors and colleagues without hesitation. If you can’t find reasonable solutions after thinking over a problem for a few minutes, seek input from your teammates. They can help solve the problem and may generate new ideas based on their experience. With that approach, we’re constantly raising the bar and innovating new uses for new technology.
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“If you’re stumped, just try something and iterate. It’s easy to get analysis paralysis, but not taking any action is its own decision.”
Business & Integration Specialist
+ Meet Janet
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What client projects are you currently working on?
I work in the Accenture DayNine practice, where we implement Workday, a human capital management (HCM) software. As functional consultants, we’re in charge of understanding our clients’ needs to effectively transform their old systems and lead them into the new.
What do you love most about working in technology?
Tech is always changing, and it’s fast paced to boot. It can feel a little like a race, so there’s a good kind of pressure that drives us forward. Looking back on what was cutting edge even five years ago, it’s a world of difference—and it’s a privilege to be a part of what drives that change now.
How does working in Accenture Technology enable you to innovate and grow in your career?
Accenture Technology provides both the resources and the people who have the same desire to innovate. It’s easy to find like-minded people who are looking to accomplish similar goals, even on a global scale. Collaboration and learning are the name of the game.
What’s unique about working in technology at Accenture?
Accenture Technology places a heavy emphasis on its people, and on continually asking how we can leverage our diverse strengths to improve. This mindset is really effective in encouraging growth.
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"The Accenture environment is highly dynamic, making innovation and creativity necessities."
Technology consultant
+ Meet Jamie
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What do you love most about working in technology?
Working in technology puts me at the forefront of evolution and change. There’s seldom a boring day because I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing.
What do you enjoy most about working in a global business?
The best thing is the network of contacts you have at your disposal. Whenever I’m faced with a new or challenging situation and send out a request for help, there’s always someone ready to share knowledge, offer advice, or link me to someone willing and able to help. This gives me the confidence to navigate uncharted territories and challenges.
What’s unique about Accenture’s culture that helps enable you to innovate or lead effectively?
The Accenture environment is highly dynamic, making innovation and creativity necessities. Even as a young analyst, I was continually challenged to find better ways of doing things. As I’ve grown in my career, I’ve challenged team members and colleagues to disrupt the status quo and innovate, too.
Where have you seen the results of your work in the real world?
The major projects I’ve delivered have been in the telco billing and customer care space. Whenever I visit the M1 mobile or StarHub broadband customer-service centers in Singapore, I see the staff using applications that my teams have developed. And every month I feel a sense of pride when I get my phone bill, because I know it’s the result of over three years of hard work!
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