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Sunshine, Sandy Beaches and Social Media


Ready for the next stage of your career? Want to explore a new city?

If you’re fluent in English and another European language, you could make the most of your talents – and discover a beautiful place to live and work – by joining Accenture in Lisbon, Dublin, Krakow, or Warsaw. If you would like to find out more about opportunities at Accenture, we'll be hosting Open Days across Europe for you to meet our recruitment teams. Our next Open Days will be announced soon, but if you can’t wait, why not register using the link below and start your adventure today?

Working in Accenture operations

Are you fluent in more than one language? Have a natural love of technology and insatiable appetite for learning, new experiences and discovery? Then this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Join Accenture and relocate to Dublin, Lisbon, Krakow or Warsaw; explore a new city and a new culture, all while gaining valuable experience of working with a leading global company.

Accenture is the organisation that big name clients speak to when they need to transform. Working with Forbes 500 companies, we’re delivering technologies that help them be the disrupters rather than the disrupted, allowing them to become bigger, better businesses.

As an integral member of one of our service centres, you’ll be right at the heart of it – playing a role on high-profile projects for well known brands alongside a talented, multicultural team. Not only that, as part of Accenture, you'll benefit from global work experience and be exposed to industry experts.

So why not apply and start your adventure today?



Below are some of the roles you could join, depending on your location and experience.


We have opportunities in the following cities. Learn more about each location by clicking on the boxes.

Dublin, city view


The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is a city steeped in culture with a nightlife and welcoming atmosphere that’s renowned the world over. It’s also the fastest growing technology hub in Europe. Join us here and you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the business in what’s been dubbed “Silicon Alley”. So as well as enjoying the toe-tapping music, food festivals and folklore of the cosmopolitan ‘City of Living Culture’, you’ll also get to collaborate with some of the industry’s brightest minds while honing your own technological skills.

Find out more about our Dublin opportunities

Lisbon city view


A beautiful city with large sandy beaches and amazing food. But there’s more to Lisbon than this. With a growing technology industry, Lisbon is becoming one of Europe’s foremost tech and start-up centres. And Accenture is a major player in this growing innovation landscape. Join us in the sunniest European capital known to be safe and vibrant and try the delights of “pastéis de nata” and porto wine, with contrast surroundings of new architecture & art and historic buildings with 18th century tiles. In Lisbon you’ll have the opportunity to build your talent and discover a rewarding, future career.

Find out more about our Lisbon opportunities

Watch why our teams loving working in our Poland offices.



One of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow has an enviable reputation for being a leading cultural, artistic and academic centre, not to mention a vital economic hub. Home to one of the oldest universities in the world, Krakow basks in the glory of its long history.

Join us here and you can benefit from a professional development structure, global opportunities and the chance to get familiar with world heritage sites, winter sports and the ins and outs of the web.

Discover how our support is making a difference.

Watch why our teams loving working in our Poland offices.



Poland’s capital, Warsaw is a significant cultural, political and economic hub for the whole of Eastern Europe. What’s more, it’s the wealthiest capital city in Central and Eastern Europe alongside Berlin. Working here for Accenture, you’ll be part of an incredible team and an even greater network of multi-cultural, diverse professionals who can help you grow and build the talents you need. So whether you’re exploring the beautiful woodland and parks which cover a quarter of the city, sampling the latest restaurant, or picking up perfect tech tips, you’ll be broadening your horizons and developing a career that’s fit for the future.

Find out what we’re working on today.

meet the team















“Joining Accenture was a big challenge, but an even bigger opportunity.”

I’m a Syrian National from Cyprus, and originally came to Poland when I was studying my Erasmus. The thing I love about working and living here is the feeling of opportunity. Poland is a huge, booming economy at the moment. And because of this, the place is full of multicultural people, all working together, socialising and enjoying what the city has to offer – good food, nightlife and easy access to beautiful mountains.

I’ve also made some amazing, lifelong friends – and have even taken them on trips to Cyprus… which comparatively, seems very expensive now!

Professionally, I couldn’t ask for much more than working at Accenture. I originally joined as a Data Analyst and in three months, I was training others. Suddenly it’s two years later and I’m a Policy Lead.

The best thing about working here is I get the chance to push myself and find out what I’m good at and want to improve upon. So far, I’m realized that I really love presenting and leading a team, and Accenture has given me all the support I need to make this a core part of my role.


“The more you give, the more you get back -inside and outside work”

I’ve always got a buzz out of managing and organising events. But Accenture has been the first company I’ve worked for that has actively focused on these skills and helped me to develop them. Opportunities are always just around the corner, and since I’m working with some brilliant people from around the world who are a real source of inspiration, it’s turned out to be my dream job.

And what a place to do it - Dublin! I’m from France, but moving to Ireland eight years ago is the best decision I ever made. I love living in a city with so many nationalities. Work-wise, I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities back home that I’ve had here. And then there’s the Dublin music scene, offering something for every taste; I’m a music junkie, always with my headphones on when I’m not dancing at a gig. I am a photographer and Dublin has some great sites to capture. And through the amazing social life, I’ve met my soulmate! No question, moving away from your home country definitely expands your mind.


“Lisbon attracts people from many different cultures. So does Accenture”

Lisbon is a great city. It’s steeped in history, the weather is fantastic, and the landscape and beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. Living here, it’s no wonder that you get ot meet people from all over the world.

At Accenture I work with people from different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures, all pulling together to generate proposals and solutions that are vital to growing our business. I love building cross-cultural relationships, getting feedback from my team and sharing different perspectives – and coaching team members is personally enriching.

Being part of such a diverse team has certainly helped me develop my skills as a leader. But that’s not all. I’ve learned how to multi-task effectively, which is such a crucial thing in Operations, and how to deliver quality information quickly to meet clients’ needs. The pace is fast when you’re involved in delivering high-tech solutions to clients worldwide, but it’s great being part of such an innovative business.


“I can be myself. My opinions count. And I can bring my passions to work.”

What I really like about Accenture is the way our culture, work and people all merge together into a single vision. Ours is a truly multicultural environment made up of people from many different backgrounds all moving in the same direction. Our diversity is something to treasure and I’ve always felt included. I’m a Subject Matter Expert, essentially providing a bridge between analysts and team leaders. My ideas are listened to and I can use – and grow – my talents in my daily work.

I really enjoy living in Warsaw. It’s a city that’s full of possibilities and so hospitable. My life is about balancing productivity with playfulness! I love everything about food, and restaurants here serve dishes from all over the world. I can indulge my passion for bachata and a range of sports. And there are lots of other activities I could do every single day.

Beyond Warsaw, modern cities juxtapose with breathtaking mountains and innumerable forests. I like to meet new people, try out new tastes and discover new places. It’s the perfect country for a ‘yes-girl’ like me!


“It didn’t take long to discover that the working culture here is simply amazing.”

I moved to Krakow in 2015. Since then, I’ve gained invaluable experience of working for an international company, and by interacting with people from all over the world, my knowledge of foreign languages has come on leaps and bounds.

What really impressed me from the start was the way Accenture works. People communicate very effectively, and everything is so well organized that we can just get on and do our jobs. Everyone is respected for who they are and supported to achieve their ambitions. Opportunities for professional growth are first class, and I’ve had training on everything from information security and visual data representation to cloud and CSS.

Krakow is also a great city in which to lay down roots, certainly one of the most beautiful and friendliest in Poland. I’m an art and culture lover, and with all the museums, monuments and memorials here, I’m never at a loose end for something to do. Krakow is also within easy reach of some popular tourist spots such as Prague, Wien and Budapest. Trips are easy to organize and affordable.


“Working for Accenture and living in Lisbon, I’m constantly opening my mind to new ideas.”

Only by joining Accenture have I appreciated being part of a big company with a strong structure and principles that underpin our daily work. As a Training Lead, there are so many projects I can get involved in that impact my colleagues, and it’s great to be able to say I’m making a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Every day is a new learning experience. Our multiculturalism has exposed me to different approaches. Formal training brings growth opportunities – the Design Thinking course was a game-changer for me. And I’ve met some amazing role models and colleagues who have become close friends.

Being outside my comfort zone in a new country has allowed me to experience things differently and learn more about myself. I’m half-French, half-Polish, and moving to Lisbon from Warsaw was a big step, but ‘Portuguese Justine’ is very much a part of me now. Lisbon is such a vibrant city too, buzzing with people day and night. The food is incredible and the weather’s fantastic – I love having palm trees outside my window!


We pride ourselves on our working culture; a culture that respects every individual and empowers people to be who they are, bringing their perspectives, ideas and whole selves to work. We also want you to be the best you can possibly be, follow your ambitions and make the most of your interests and passions – both professionally and personally. Which is why you’ll find that, wherever you join, you can enjoy a great working environment, and the support and encouragement to develop your talents. So whether you want to learn a new professional skill, broaden your knowledge of a key area or play a sport with awesome people, we have the networks and resources to help you do just that.


Register your interest here to find out more about these opportunities and how you could join our global teams.



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