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Toan Huynh

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Toan Huynh


Managing Director, Cloud First Applications FS & Insurance


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Account Leadership


University of Pennsylvania – Bachelors in Economics and International Relations

Out of my 17 year career, this is one of the few times that I have been able to learn so much from so many of my team and to get to work with some of the most cutting edge firms in the world – it is an exciting time to be at leading edge firm like Accenture and I could not be more proud.

What I Do

I currently manage our Insurance sector teams within the Cloud First Applications Financial Services team. We develop go-to-market solutions leveraging key cloud apps like, Google, and ServiceNow among other cloud ancillary tools. I also work to develop new business and solutions for our teams servicing clients in the insurance space world-wide.

As a founder of Cloud Sherpas, a leading cloud brokerage firm acquired by Accenture, I could not be happier to see that such a well-respected firm such as Accenture is also cutting edge and investing in areas that are good for our clients and our employees.

Day in my Life

There isn’t really ever a typical day which makes what we do here at Accenture so interesting - on any given week or day, I am usually meeting with key clients, vendors and software partners, or peers in order to collaborate and create solutions to meet the market needs.

A typical day may involve collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders: phone calls or face-to-face with team members to discuss how our go-to-market solutions and offerings are progressing, using video conference to talk to our Innovation teams as they demo and tweak the solutions, developing thought leadership content around cloud and insurance, creating marketing assets such as First Call Decks or sales sheets, and working with our partners to solution and propose aspects of the solutions to our customers and the account teams that support our clients.

I also check in on my key account teams to ensure delivery of important milestones are met and that we collectively work together to clear any obstacles that might be in the way. My team and I also sit down weekly to discuss personal goals, what we are doing to get there, and how the company can help further those goals – frankly, I love these conversations the best. We are a people business and it’s always great to see my team aspire to be the best at whatever roles they are playing.

Finally, I try to balance work with community-focused events – as much possible, I will join in on an Accenture New York office hosted community event whether that’s an impromptu team happy hour or bringing clients to a Tech Vision event. I also enjoy volunteering at ERG and non-profit events.

Outside the Office

Outside of the office and when I am not running after my 22-month old daughter, Sabrina, my family and I support non-profits such as Opening Act that provide literary, music, and the arts to underprivileged kids including, Words without Borders which promotes understanding through literature with translated works, and Metropolis Ensemble which seeks to bring modern twists to classical music to a broader audience.

I am also active with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's young patrons program, the Apollo Circle.

Finally, as I am always looking for ways to help our clients meet their business goals more effectively, I am also heavily involved in the New York Silicon Alley and financial technology community in NYC.

My Advice

Three things you can do to ensure a great career: Find an area that you love, allow yourself to learn, and above all don’t be afraid to fail because you cannot learn without failure. With Accenture, the opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute are limitless – seize the chance and you won’t regret it!