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Tisha Teeluck


Tisha Teeluck


Senior Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Marketing & Communications


Clarke University

What I Do

Some 13 years ago I came to Accenture as a contractor, to help move campus recruiting programs from their off-line, hard copy format—these were 25-page brochures!—to an online presence. I’ve stayed in Recruitment Marketing ever since, and recently became the Global Director of Business Entity Recruitment Marketing.

I’m really passionate about being here. I’m in a unique area—most other companies align recruitment marketing in their HR and Recruiting functions. Having it within Marketing, as Accenture does, is powerful, and says a lot about the importance of the work that we do and how it adds to the overall image of Accenture.

Day In My Life

In my role I have the flexibility to work from home, which is good, given the hours of my global role. My day often begins with phone calls at 6 a.m. Only this morning, for example, I met with team members in Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. I then spend time checking in with team members and meeting with leadership. Throughout the day, I’m creating strategies—sketching and scoping how we’ll run our programs and make them locally relevant. Very often I have calls late at night too, to speak with more of my colleagues in Asia Pacific. When my days begin and end at such extremes, I might take a mid-day break to walk my two Border Terriers and refresh. At least once a week—not to mention on weekends--I go to the stable. My team members and team leads give me that flexibility. I love that I have the flexibility to pursue my passion—it’s that freedom that has made me even more thrilled to be working at Accenture.


I spent my junior year of college in London, which changed my life. Living in London really opened up the world of culture, politics, art—things I never knew were there before. Today, I travel as much as I can, and try to get in a couple of trips a year. Over the years, though, I’ve picked up hiking and scuba diving, so my trips usually are in support of an adventure. Not long ago I hiked 200 miles, coast to coast, across the top of England!

But right now something is curbing my interest in travel. When I was young, between age 6 and 16, I rode horses competitively, but then I walked away from it without looking back. More than 30 years later I had a dream of myself riding a horse, and I did some investigating. Sure enough, I found myself back on a horse. Not only am I riding again, but I’m competing in Eventing—one of the most risky equestrian sports. Competitions involve dressage, cross country and stadium jumping, all in the same day on the same horse.

It’s about skill, but also about endurance for both the horse and the rider. This year—after only two scant years of training—I did four shows and placed in three of them!

My Advice

It is worth exploring a career at Accenture, and it is worth committing to it. I was an experienced hire, and ran my own company seven years before joining Accenture. For me, acclimating to such a large, complex organization was something of a struggle, but I met supportive colleagues to help me acclimate and it has been well worth the effort.

If you are resilient and flexible, you will succeed at Accenture, because Accenture will match your flexibility with its own. This is a company willing to work with you to have a fulfilling life. You can really make a career here, and at the same time get fulfillment on the personal side.


Watch Tisha in action as a Global Marketer, Competitive Rider and World Traveler, and see how you can be greater than you imagined in a career with Accenture.