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Tiffany D.


Tiffany D.


Senior Research & Development Analyst


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area



Stanford University

"From sketching nascent ideas to coding web applications, I spend most of my day developing prototypes and subsequent iterations."

What I Do

I work in the Accenture Labs, our research, development and innovation group. My colleagues and I explore how emerging technologies can be applied to problems that Accenture’s clients are facing now or will need to address in the future. In my Accenture roles, I have worked in data analytics, visualization, and user experience for a variety of industries including healthcare, utilities, and retail. Accenture is a great place to learn. Each project has given me an opportunity to experiment with a new technology stack and gain insight into a different industry.

Day in my Life

From sketching nascent ideas to coding web applications, I spend most of my day developing prototypes and subsequent iterations. My colleagues and I get to work with universities, startups, and partners in other groups at Accenture to validate and scale these prototypes. In addition to our happy hours and community off-sites, Fridays at our Silicon Valley office usually include an inspirational speaker or distinguished researcher program. These informative and arousing events have featured topics from high profilers such as the CEO of Box, the Sixth human to walk on the moon, and a Cambridge professor who can predict one’s personality from their digital footprint. Accenture’s environment is never dull and very dynamic!

Outside the Office

I like learning about the past and experiencing the development of the future. Regarding the former, I read books and listen to podcasts about history. I also enjoy traveling to regions of interest whenever I can. Of course, history is not a static concept, which is why I love being in places that are constantly evolving or developing. During my undergraduate studies, I learned a lot by working with startups and technology ecosystems in France, Sweden, and China.

My Advice

Through its global reach, Accenture has incredible opportunities, but you need to take the initiative to make the most of them. For example, when I expressed interest in supporting Accenture’s programs for women in business and engineering, I began volunteering at internal meetings. Through that initial expression of interest, I eventually assumed a senior role coordinating marketing and communications for Accenture’s International Women’s Day, and now have an opportunity to travel to the Grace Hopper Conference for women in computing. If you speak up and demonstrate how you can contribute, people will be more likely to support you in your goals.