Sunny W.

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Sunny W.


Senior R&D Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Research & Innovation


Pennsylvania State University

"Accenture’s focus on adding high value for clients makes it a thriving place for overachievers who are ambitious and want to work on the world’s grandest business challenges with the brightest co-workers."

What I Do

As a Senior R&D Manager in Accenture Labs, I lead development of cutting-edge technology in Accenture with our clients. This truly differentiates Accenture from its competitors.

Last year, we built the first National Parks Virtual tour with Google Cardboard, we established 3D printing offering for a major US retailer, and we piloted new virtual technology with a major entertainment client. My background in computer science allows me to work with the brightest people, solving the Fortune 100’s largest innovation challenges.

Day in my Life

The sequence generally looks like this:

  • Read tech news

  • Coffee

  • Review client proposals

  • Work with my team through piloting a new technology with a client

  • More coffee

  • Meet with cutting-edge start-up to figure out how their technology would fit into a client offering

  • Update stakeholders

  • Take team out for Boba Tea

  • Prep for conference presentation


I was one of only two women among 100 students in programming classes. This motivated me to work harder and be part of the change for the next generation of young women in IT. 

When I heard about our partnership with Girls Who Code to help close the gender gap in IT, I immediately volunteered to be our Northern California sponsor.

Accenture people are also contributing as instructors and speakers, and giving back in many ways.


Outside the Office


I live in San Francisco with my rescue greyhound, Fig. 

I am a competitive long-distance marathon runner.

I have visited Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle-East.

And, I have a bucket list goal of visiting the Seven Wonders of the World 

--- Five down, Two to go!

My Advice

#1: Do one thing every day that scares you (credit to Eleanor Roosevelt) so that you stay limber and young at heart.

#2: Surround yourself with inspiring people that want to make the world a better/happier/more-just/more-efficient place than when they found it.

#3: Write more concise email (your boss will thank you!)

I joined Accenture as an analyst, and having grown into part of leadership, I can say it is truly a company that emphasizes career growth for those open to new challenges.