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Steven W.


Steven W.


Senior Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Howard University
"Defining success, and then syncing it with your Accenture career, lets you pursue and achieve all sorts of goals."

What I Do

In my 13 years at Accenture, I’ve greatly enjoyed the variety of working with so many clients within the Public Service industry. Currently, I am working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to implement a credentialing system for transportation workers who need access to sensitive government areas (e.g. Airports and Ports). My role is Organizational Change Management lead responsible for helping transition government employees to the new process/procedures. It’s energizing to partner with clients, understand their challenges, build a solution and then see the difference we’ve made—not just for the client, but for the citizens they serve.

I’ve always had access to the training and tools I need to serve my clients and develop my career, including a professional certification through the Program Management Institute, and always benefit from our people’s willingness to help.

For example, recently I needed assistance developing an approach for my client in Washington, D.C. I reached out to one of our experts in that area who was based in Texas and they quickly provided the precise guidance I needed via email and conference calls!

Accenture also offers time for helping others and giving back. I’ve been able to leverage my passion for health and fitness to help others. I’m the National Lead for the Men’s Employee Resource Group, focused on providing advocacy for men-related issues such as improving paternity leave for Accenture fathers, increasing awareness of men’s health issues (such as prostate and colon cancer), building engagement through community service and sponsoring wellness events.

Day in my Life

Days are hardly typical for me. Every morning I drop off my son at daycare and head to one of the three sites for my current client, depending on the meetings required for the day. Some days I spend time in several locations (client headquarters, client project site, Accenture project site) for key meetings or necessary follow up with my team or client counterparts. I try to get home by 5:30 to spend time with my son before getting him off to bed and getting back on line to address work for a few hours. I hit the gym around 9:30 p.m. for an hour or so, and then head off to bed by 11:30 – a great day! Each day, my wife has a way of making me feel like I’m a very special person. And, any day my son does something new—say, adds a new word or expression to his vocabulary—just makes my day.

Outside the Office

Have you heard of Tough Mudder events? These are hard core obstacle-course events designed to test all-around strength, determination and mental “toughness.” I finished my first Tough Mudder this year and am already looking forward to my next race!

I’m also an avid golfer. I love to travel and play golf, whenever and wherever I can. And I’m always finding time to spend with my wife of 8 years and my 2-year-old son.

These days I’m working closely with a non-profit organization called STRIVE DC, an Accenture Skills to Succeed partner that helps unemployed men get back into the workforce. I’ve also overcome some of my own barriers. I had trouble reading as a kid and I was terrified of public speaking. But in my role today I spend a significant amount my time leading large meetings and serving as a speaker for large audiences. It feels great to have overcome that challenge in the course of my career, and to now be comfortable with all the speaking and presenting that I do here at Accenture. I’m happy for the chance to give back and help others through STRIVE DC and other programs.

My Advice

Cliché or not, Accenture is all about the people. We don’t make too many products here. We are a conglomeration of great people—and we can never forget that this is our secret ingredient. Our people are smart, care about each other’s success and dedicate themselves to serving our communities. As a managing director once told me, “Get out in traffic.” Make sure you meet people and build relationships—it will help you find success at Accenture.

Succeeding at Accenture is about knowing what you want to achieve and knowing what “success” means to you. Accenture provides an excellent organization to support the path you choose. Some people suggest striving for work/life balance, but I say, have a life balance. Find things you enjoy, outside of Accenture, and find ways to sync those things with your career whenever possible. For me, I’m passionate about health and fitness and, through Accenture, I am able to sponsor a fitness boot camp annually.