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Stephanie K.


Stephanie K.


Analytics and Modeling Associate Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area



Carnegie Mellon University, George Washington University
"Accenture asks you to bring a vision and they will bring the support system. There are a plethora of opportunities here at Accenture and the resources available to you empowers you to pursue your career ambitions. It’s a carpe diem type environment."

What I Do

I work for Accenture Federal Services where my client is a government agency. My main practice focuses on deep analytics which takes massive amounts of data and uses high-performance technology and algorithms to gather intelligence and make predictions from the data. It’s really cool, because my team is able to contribute to the safety of and security of our homeland.

Day in my Life

I work in the Kingstowne office in Alexandria, VA. I spend much of my day working with my colleagues to address the different missions for our client. We have an open office space (no cubicles!) so it’s easy to foster the interaction of teams and improve the fluidity of communication. We’ll sketch out new ideas on the whiteboard and then work at our computers to see how these ideas turn out.

Outside the Office

I am very active and an explorer. I’ve done triathlons, marathons, and century bike rides. I like venturing to new places locally in the metro Washington, DC area, as well as internationally in other countries. My most recent trip involved seeing huge glaciers and waterfalls in Iceland. I am also a technology enthusiast. I like to experiment with the newest devices/software and sharing my experience with others especially the Internet of Things.

My Advice

Be open about expectations in your work. It’s good to envision what you want to do, but leave some room to explore other options, because you never know where you’ll end up and what you will find absolutely satisfying. Patience is a virtue!