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Stéphane Geyres

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Stéphane Geyres


Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Security—European Lead



Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

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PhD in Software Engineering on Software Reliability & Certification

"Security is one of the next business enablers for Accenture. Our executive leadership team wants security embedded in everything we do for clients, and that presents an exciting opportunity for our strategy practitioners."

What I Do

I am in charge of coordinating all cyber-security business in France, as well as growing Accenture Strategy Security business across Europe.

I have more than 25 years of experience in the France & European security business, including consulting and operations roles that covered all aspects of security management, including strategy, policy, processes, compliance and benchmarking.

Why Accenture Strategy?

I believe it is the right time to join Accenture Strategy Security for two simple reasons.

First, cybersecurity is now on the agenda of most CEOs and Board of Directors because it is now proven that most bottom lines can be seriously harmed—now and in the foreseeable future.

Second, Accenture has the unique ability of providing an integrated, end-to-end, serviceable solution to the issue in a way clients can manage in time.

My Latest Insights

Delivering high performance starts with driving big ideas. As an Accenture Strategy leader, I invest my time in developing insights for our clients.

I am finalizing a new point of view on cybersecurity in banking, which will be available soon. I’ve also published perspectives through MyD-Business, an online journal on key themes about the digital transformation and publishing research and insights from our Accenture leaders in France. Here are some of my latest insights on MyD-Business (in French only).

My Advice

Some of the questions I ask candidates during interviews include:

  • Why does cybersecurity matter?

  • Why is it not a technology topic?

  • Why is compliance not enough?

Think about how you would answer these questions authentically, as well as the unique skills and perspective you would bring to help clients address their challenges.