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United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


B.S in Sports Management and Business Administration from UMass Amherst
"Working at Accenture has provided me with such an amazing set of experiences that continuously let me grow and keep my career moving forward. I have a great set of leadership and mentors that provide me with opportunities to have an impact with our clients and to help shape the future of our practice at Accenture."

What I Do

I am currently the Integrated Talent Lead for an Oracle HCM Cloud Implementation at a Large Technology Company helping transform their HR Technology. I’ve held a various number of roles in all different types of projects and industries that continue to shape me to take on a bigger role the next time. Within Accenture, I am the Global Collaboration Lead for the Oracle HR & Talent Practice.

Day in my Life

With project life, everything is milestone-based and we are always working towards a goal. No day is the same as before and one of the reasons why I love working at Accenture.

I actually plan my week out on the Friday before I log-off for the weekend. I take a look at what we have planned to get done for the week based on the project plan. Since my team isn’t located in one place, we skype conference to take a look at what we need to accomplish for the week and come up with a detailed action plan to align together on who’s working on what. I have a team of rockstars and we have set up goals individually to ensure that the work they are doing is helping them meet their priorities to move forward in their careers.

Outside the Office

Since I’m usually travelling during the week, I dedicate my Saturdays to being completely laptop free and make sure I’m spending as much time as I can with friends and family while I’m at home. I’m also a passionate home chef and can usually be found in the kitchen trying to create a new recipe to share with them.

My Advice

It is important to remember that every role, whether it be small or big, has an impact not only on the project and delivering success to our clients but also to yourself. Early on in my career there were times where I questioned how the role I was taking on was going to help me in the long-run, but as I look back, all of these roles have shaped me into being a better leader and providing the best I can to our clients.

I also find it very important that individuals find their own personal work-life balance. Every project and client I have been on is different and every person is different, so it’s important that you figure what works best for you based on the circumstances.