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Shiffa R.


Infrastructure Analyst



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

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Rutgers University
"I love the diversity at Accenture. Accenture has an enormous one-global network that brings diversity of people from all around the world together in one place, which makes it an amazing place to work."

What I Do

I specifically work in the Workplace Technology & Collaboration Transformation trajectory, where we help clients adopt leading workplace technologies that enhances client productivity. The work we perform assists our clients in standardizing desktops, upgrading and migrating to newer operating systems or software, adopting new collaboration technologies, implementing automated, remote or self-service support options and much more!

Presently, I am working with one of the largest bio-pharmaceutical companies in the world. My role is to assist in the creation of a client deployment plan for both change and project management.

Day in my Life

My day depends on what project I am placed on. With my current client, I work sometimes on-site or remote from home. When I have to go on-site--Monday, I wake up around 4AM to catch a flight to California where my client is located. When I arrive there, I go straight to the client site until the end of the day. I work in California till Thursday afternoon, and then leave for the airport to head back to my home in Chicago, where I arrive in the evening. I work remote from home on Fridays.

Outside the Office

Outside of work, I greatly believe in helping and giving to people. I sponsor children in poverty and adverse circumstances through Children International. I also volunteer at Horizons for Youth in Chicago, where I get to mentor and help children from low-resource areas in Chicago. I am also a huge advocate for women in STEM fields! During my undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, I was the founding member of an academic organization related to my field of study called Women in Information Technology & Informatics, where I served as the president and increased the number of women in the IT major field of study. I also find interest in architecture design and photography. I further have a passion for protecting and preserving the natural world.

My Advice

Even if one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded. So, help others to bring out the best in them and let them bring out the best in you.