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Sharlene Brown


Sharlene Brown


Consultant – Accenture Strategy


United States

Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

Career Area



MBA from Wharton

About Me

Loyal, resilient, curious. #aboutme

I’m very passionate about helping others solve their problems in a way that is thoughtful and brings together lots of disciplines. Accenture Strategy provides this and more. #whyAccentureStrategy

The coolest project I’ve ever worked on was one in which I helped a client transform itself from being a classic hardware provider to actually being able to compete in the software arena. #lovemywork

The teams I work on are smart and friendly. I think it’s truly rare to find this combination of traits. #bestpeople

Accenture Strategy College exposed me to a lot of new topics I hadn’t learned before. #alwayslearning

Outside of work I enjoy weight lifting, reading, hiking and home décor. #unplugged