Scott H.


Scott H.


Managing Director


United States

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Technology Careers

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MBA – Univ. Of Washington; BS - US Naval Academy

My Military Background

I went to school at the U.S. Naval Academy and selected submarines for my service. I was assigned as a nuclear engineer onboard the USS Michigan (SSBN727 Blue) for my Junior Officer tour and completed six strategic deterrent patrols in the Pacific. I held various roles, primarily in Engineering and Operations.

My proudest moments in the Navy all revolved around the people I served with -- whether it was pinning dolphins on a shipmate, or delivering the Oath of Office during a reenlistment ceremony, or simply helping to mentor those coming up the ranks behind me. To this day, many of my closest friends are the men and women I served with in the Navy.

About Me

What I Do Now
Today, I lead Accenture’s Global Alliances organization which looks after our go-to-market relationships with hundreds of our partners. It’s exciting to work with some really innovative technology companies. I enjoy identifying ways to marry together technology innovation from our alliance partners with Accenture’s industry and business innovation to create solutions for our clients.

How Military Experience Prepares
The military was a great learning experience for me. I grew a lot as a leader in the Navy and that leadership capability has served me well at Accenture – both in working with our people and in helping our clients.

My Advice
Talk with lots of people about the work they do. There’s no substitute for spending time together with people to truly understand the nature of a certain role or a particular industry. This will make it easier to make the right career decision.

Outside the Office
There are two things I thoroughly enjoy outside work: First is my love for water – I spend lots of time with my family doing all kinds of activities both in the water and on the water. Second is my affinity for food, I spend lots of time cooking and entertaining.