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Saqib Malik

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Saqib Malik


Digital Business Integration Sr. Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area



B. S. Electrical Engineering, Purdue University
"Accenture has been one of the most engaging, yet changing work places in my 6 years that continuously adopts to the future market trends and clients’ needs – exposing me to the bleeding edge of technology."

What I Do

I currently manage our go-to-market efforts and day to day operations for the iOS Practice where we focus on building world class enterprise solutions on Apple technologies – with user experience in mind from step 1 to be able to solve the right problem in the most efficient manner. I joined Accenture when Accenture Mobility was recently launched, and have spent time across Strategy, IOT and Apps teams – as well as managed alliance relationships and support many client engagements.

Day in my Life

On a typical week, I focus on a few areas of our iOS practice, keeping up to date on the latest assets and client projects we are delivering, meeting with clients and account teams to talk about what we do on iOS, and why it’s different for our clients. I work closely with a few of Accenture’s alliance partners and always looking for new technologies to spend time on with external partners. We use a lot of video conferencing, Lync calls for virtual meetings and leverage Box to share content. I dedicate my work days every other week in the Bay area with our team and local partners, and try to also connect with local Accenture people during my travel as much as possible.

Outside the Office

When I can find the time, I am a big Do-It-Yourself person around the house. I also explore best ways to teach technology to my 2 boys (7 months and 3 years) I want to start EARLY with their development! Recently, I picked up a hobby of learning to race cars and spend some time on the race track to experience the exhilaration of driving, but with safely.

My Advice

Three very important keywords at Accenture and in general – Learn, Network and Proactive. You should always be learning what you are interested in to become the expert, network with people across Accenture as we are a massive company in terms of people and always be proactive at work and at home.