Robin D.

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Robin D.


Senior Manager, Southeast Region


United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Industry Solutions & Services


BS in Industrial Engineering from Bradley University

“I’m helping Utilities apply digital and use agile methods to deliver transformational changes to the way they operate and interact with their customers.”

What I Do

Most recently, I led efforts to provide mobile capabilities to utility field crews who perform maintenance on and construction of gas and electric infrastructure. Over the span of my career, I’ve held multiple delivery roles to implement improved work and asset management capabilities for utility maintenance and construction operations. I leverage my skills and insights in Smart Grid, Work Field and Resource Management to help transform our Resources clients’ businesses.

Day in my Life

I spend most of my days in meetings with clients and Accenture team members planning, solving, and discussing a variety of topics with the common thread of keeping key projects moving forward, with the right focus to deliver on our shared goals.

Outside of meetings, there are always emails to address and various documents in flight that I use to facilitate conversations, communicate status, or capture key info in Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

Outside the Office

I try to maximize time with my family. My husband travels for work, so I do my best to make it home in time for dinner and playtime with my three and four year old children before putting them to bed.

On the weekends, I plan activities for the entire family. We've been exploring what Charlotte, NC has to offer since we recently moved there and I look forward to family excursions further afield in the future. Recently, I've enjoyed carving out some time just for me to practice yoga combining a mobile app and private instruction in my home.

My Advice

It is important to make others aware of your skills and career aspirations while also being open to new opportunities that may come your way—even if they don't seem to completely aligned with your career objectives. In some cases, you may need to step outside of your role description to support broader objectives or take on internal responsibilities beyond your role, to feel like you are still advancing in your desired direction. There is always something new to experience that can be woven into your story as well as support your Accenture brand.