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Ongelique Sherman


Ongelique Sherman


Technology Consultant Senior Analyst


Metro DC, United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


Bachelors in Finance, Hampton University
"From working at Accenture Federal Services, not only have I expanded my professional skills and leadership qualities, I’ve been exposed to a number of unique opportunities outside of my regular 9-5 that have helped shape my life and allowed me to learn so much about myself."


I am currently a technology consultant senior analyst and am working to help upgrade, improve, and correct any defects within my client’s system, which has been in place for decades. I am responsible for capturing how the old system has behaved and integrating those requirements within the new interface.

Since the system is new to the client, it is important to document any differences between the two systems so the proper training materials can be created. Therefore, I interact and strive to effectively communicate with my team lead and managers on a daily bases to ensure that our work delivered meets both the client’s and Accenture’s standards.


The first thing I do every morning, of course, is check my email. If there are any meetings scheduled throughout the day, I will make sure I am fully prepared. Since we are in the early to mid-stages of executing the upgrade to our client’s system, I make sure to speak with my manager to ensure we are still on track for completing our desired tasks for the day/week. Every 2-3 hours, I’ll take a stroll around the office just to have a friendly conversation with a colleague (I know we could all use a break from our computer screens throughout the day).

Outside the Office

Within my project, I am a part of a team who is responsible for planning project gatherings, happy hours, birthday celebrations, community/charity fundraisers, etc. I am also a part of the African American Employee Resource Group. Outside of Accenture, I am very active within my church, sorority, and community. I am also a business owner! I’ve recently turned my hobby of creating handbags and accessories into a thriving business. I don’t know how I find time to juggle everything on my plate, but you always make time for things that are most important to you.


My biggest piece of advice would be to stay true to who you really are. Since your job is somewhere you will spend 8-10 hours a day, it is important to be and bring your whole self from home into the workplace. Accenture does a great job of allowing their people to embrace their personality, passions, and talents; and there is somewhere either within your project or within the firm where you can showcase your skills. So don’t feel like you have to hold back a portion of yourself (culture, background, etc.) when you come to work. Just learn how to blend your true personality with your professionalism.