Nupur Sharma


Nupur Sharma


Management Consulting Manager



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Career Area

Management Consulting


M.B.A. from Oxford University
B.S. in Management Science; B.A. Political Science from University of California, San Diego
Anytime I’m ready for a new challenge or a change, I’ve asked, been patient with timing, and been able to switch up what a day in my life looks like.

What I Do

I am a Management Consulting Manager based out of the Los Angeles office that has been with the firm for almost 9 years. I’ve spent a lot of my career working in the change management space, helping clients manage large transformations by way of system implementations, setting up business in new countries, and streamlining their business processes.

Day in my Life

Consulting can be confusing for folks who aren’t familiar with the industry. I say that I’m a problem solver for my clients’ toughest challenges. I work on a series of small problems that are part of an overall larger problem that my client is trying to solve. I love the fact that there isn’t a typical day and that I can always start fresh with a new role, project, or client the moment my role may start to feel monotonous.

Aside from working with clients, I enjoy leading teams and working on people development. Our people are our greatest asset, so it is very important to me to invest time in people development.

Outside the Office

I am originally from Southern California. Outside of the office, I am a yogini and adventurer. I teach yoga (to Accenture team members in addition to my own students) regularly and practice yoga almost every day. Besides yoga, you can find me doing anything outside from snowboarding to rock climbing, rappelling to hiking. Of course, as every consultant, I love to travel. I am always planning my next local and international trip to continue exploring new places.

Some of my fondest Accenture memories are team bonding events that happened outside of the office including snowboarding with one project team, completing a mud run with another project team, and being in a kickball league with another.

My Advice

Anytime you are ready for a new challenge or change, ask, be patient with timing, and see where it takes you!

First and foremost, do your job and do it well. Nothing else matters if you aren’t doing that. If you find yourself interested in something outside of the work you are doing – ask to be involved! People don’t always know where your interests lie or areas that you want to work on. That can often lead you on a path to very cool work and roles.