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Natalia Lerner


Natalia Lerner


Technology Consulting Manager


Metro DC, United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


BS, Systems Engineering, University of Virginia
"Coming to work for Accenture out of school was the best decision I could have made. I have made great friends and continue to learn and grow, both in my career and life outside of work."


I work as an SAP BASIS Administrator and Technical Architecture Team Lead. I started with Accenture Federal Services right out of undergrad and have been based out of our DC office since then. My first project was a local SAP implementation, followed by a project traveling to Columbus, Ohio to support a legacy system retirement. While I have worked with SAP Technology my entire time with Accenture, I have had the opportunity to work in different roles, including developer, system administrator, and now as a technical team lead.

I currently oversee a team of 18 people and manage multiple project efforts. My job involves coordinating with other client and Accenture-led functional, development, and technical teams. My client provides worldwide logistics support to the military services, other civilian agencies, and partner nation armed forces. My Accenture training and resources help me to ensure that the technology we deliver is improving our client’s business.​


No two days are alike at Accenture – every day can present itself with new opportunities and challenges. Even my work location can vary depending on what my schedule for the day may be. Day-to-day, I have project meetings with my client or team members, who may be in other cities around the country. I may have off-site meetings to visit other client teams or I may head to our Accenture office to meet with people to discuss our Employee Resource Group activities.

Over the last few years, I have become deeply involved with our Hispanic-American Employee Resource Group, helping to plan professional development, community outreach, and other events. Through its Employee Resource Groups, Accenture provides the opportunity to build your network in a community of people with similar interests or experiences. I have led our Metro DC Hispanic - American Employee Resource Groups efforts to offer everything from fun networking events, such as happy hours and baseball games, to professional development events, such as communications workshops, with a more concrete focus on building technical skills.

Outside the Office

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given in my life and I believe we all have a responsibility to take advantage of those opportunities and, in turn, seek to improve the world and communities that we live in. Outside of Accenture, I spend time volunteering with a non-profit, Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development (CVCD), which provides opportunities for education and economic development to the children and families of the oppressed, poor, and disabled.​

Through an Accenture contact, I became involved with Leadership Arlington, an organization that provides a platform for leaders from different organizations to build relationships and work together to strengthen the community. After participating in their Young Professionals program, I chose to remain an active member by participating on the planning committee for their largest fundraiser in support of their youth program.


Nobody else can give you the playbook; everybody has a different path to “success” in their career and there is no one right way. Accenture provides you with the opportunity to seek guidance from mentors, sponsors, and peers, but everyone’s careers can follow different paths and I encourage people to always make decisions for themselves. As you grow in your career, take the time to reflect on what makes the most sense for you and what will be most personally fulfilling.

No matter what you do, for a successful career at Accenture you need to be willing to tackle issues head-on, despite potentially not having all of the information. Our job is to solve difficult problems for our clients. There are often many factors to consider and information may need to be compiled from different sources, whether it be software vendor forums, subject matter experts, or team supervisors. People who are motivated and can deliver even if they don’t initially have all of the answers become the most indispensable.