Mike C.


Mike C.


Managing Director


United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Business Strategy


MBA & MSM-IS – Case Western Reserve

What I Do

As a Managing Director in Accenture Strategy, I spend the majority of my time on business development – driving new project opportunities for the firm and our people. Within Accenture Strategy I am aligned to corporate strategy and growth in the Communications, Media & Technology industry group. My expertise lies in developing growth strategies for media & entertainment, cable, wireline, wireless and consumer electronics clients in North America and Canada. My sub-sector specialization is broadcast and digital / OTT video services, multiplatform advertising and new media strategies, and I have worked for some of the world’s largest corporations that are driving innovation in this space.

In addition, I am the management consulting client account lead for one of Accenture’s largest Media & Entertainment and Cable clients, and oversee a team of Managing Directors and Senior Managers that support my client’s most strategic initiatives. Furthermore, I support strategy consulting engagements for non-profits, as these entities are increasingly seeking to enhance their mission impacts and deliver to a broader set of stakeholders.

Day in my Life

My day usually consists of meetings with multiple parties, including:

  • Clients – discussing issues that are keeping executives awake at night and providing points-of-view on where we see the markets moving to in the future

  • Client Account Teams – discussing issues that our clients are facing and how Accenture can help them achieve their outcomes; oversee Managing Directors and Senior Managers across consulting engagements

  • Engagement Teams – checking on the team’s progress with research and analysis related to an issue that Accenture is working to develop a solution for

I support multiple clients and projects weekly and often travel to different clients within the week to make sure that we are delivering the value that our clients expect from us. Some of my clients are located internationally, so it is not unusual for me to have calls based on different time zones, or for me to jump on a flight to another country on occasion. This variety of interactions is what keeps me excited about consulting and Accenture every day.

Outside the Office

I am an avid home theatre / home automation buff and spend my personal time improving how technology is utilized by my household for entertainment. I love to develop new ways to watch video, listen to music, play games or consume other types of content within and outside of my home using the latest consumer electronics. I take advantage of my hobby by spending my downtime watching a great movie or catching up on the latest television series. I enjoy traveling to exotic locations and sightseeing in new countries. I also love to snorkel and scuba dive in tropical waters, especially where the fish are big and underwater sights are plentiful. Last, I spend time training with firearms for sporting and tactical purposes, and have become an expert marksman over time.

My Advice

Be prepared to share your individual ‘story’ with us – why you believe that your skills, prior experience and personality are a great fit with Accenture. There are no typical backgrounds that we look for, and consultants here have a variety of backgrounds, some that are non-traditional. Prior to Accenture and business school, I worked in the music business as a songwriter / producer for most of the major record labels, and I have done well transitioning to a consulting career. For candidates that seek opportunities within Accenture Strategy, we utilize case interviews to test your analytical and communications abilities. We look for smart people with a passion for problem-solving and client service. If you demonstrate those attributes well during the interview process, you have a good chance of potentially receiving an offer to join Accenture Strategy.


Accenture has developed a diverse community that enables me to stay connected to individuals that share my ethnicity. There are interest groups and initiatives that address a broad set of diversity and inclusion needs across the firm. We have targeted events and functions that afford me networking opportunities with my colleagues, senior Accenture leaders and potential diverse career candidates. Furthermore, within Accenture Strategy, we have a Managing Director that is accountable for diversity initiatives, who works to insure that the voices of the diverse workforce are heard and our needs are taken into consideration as part of employee engagement and recruiting efforts. I am part of many of Accenture’s diversity initiatives, including recruiting, and I hope to see you at a future event in your area.