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McCree L.


Technology Strategy Manager


United States

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"It’s truly humbling to be a part of Accenture – the people are amazing, the leaders accessible and we always bring our best thinking to our clients. Not a single day has passed since joining that I haven’t learned something new!"

What I Do

I am aligned to our Technology Strategy practice and primarily serve financial services clients.

My current role is working directly with the CFO and CIO at a global insurance company to reshape their operating model and workforce. Our goal is to set into place a sustainable technology strategy and roadmap to drive cost savings, which will enable them to invest in new technologies and innovation over the next two to three years.

Day in my Life

The majority of each day is usually spent partnering with my client to address either a strategic issue in IT or taking a higher level view to help manage and prioritize key transformation initiatives. It’s exciting to be able to bring Accenture Strategy’s unique perspective of business and technology to C-level executives, particularly technology leaders who are excited about our point-of-view. In addition to client work, you can find me on our amazing enterprise social media platform, supporting our IT workforce strategy offering or participating in exciting recruiting opportunities in our Strategy practice.

Outside the Office

Even being on the road all the time for work, I still love to travel any chance I get. If I am traveling to a new or interesting place for a client, it’s great to use the weekend to explore. When at home, my friends, family and I love to explore Atlanta’s great cultural and culinary attractions!

My Advice

Working hard and getting results always matter but I believe how you treat people along the way is far more important to success. Remember to always see the value people bring, act with empathy, and cultivate an open network of relationships that allow you to give back, learn and succeed.