Marco C.


Marco C.


Workplace Service Development Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Workplace Management & Service Solutions


High School Graduate & Entry Level Hire

What I Do

I am a Workplace Service Development Manager and work on the Workplace Solutions Mobilization Team. I am responsible for mobilizing office operations for client sites, delivery centers along with mergers and acquisitions. I provide workplace guidance and consulting to Accenture team to establish Accenture Workplace operations standards.

I work a lot with Global Workplace Teams to help implement and maintain the Global Workplace Strategy for various leased properties across the U.S.

Day in my Life

A typical day for me would be traveling to a site and working closely with onsite facility personnel to coach and train on Accenture standards. Since I am responsible for several sites I also spend a lot of time using collaboration tools to connect with virtual teams. On any given day I may be dealing with space planning, office operations, safety, security, maintenance and finance. I try my best to live in a flexible world, often changing where I work to best fit what I need to accomplish. My work changes often depending on client needs and requirements.

Outside the Office
Outside of work I like to run 3 to 4 times per week and ride my bike to stay in shape. I also like to play golf when time permits.

My Advice

My advice is very simple and based on my years of experience with Accenture.

  1. Have the courage to change when you know you need to.

  2. Treat people how they want to be treated (The Platinum Rule), a lesson I learned from a Chicago managing director.

  3. Use the Accenture Core Values to your advantage. They are there for a reason. When you are unsure of what to do, just review the core values and the answer will come to you.

  4. Follow the 3 Cs of Confidence, Competence and Common Sense, a point that was reinforced by our former CEO Bill Green.

  5. When in doubt just ask questions. I have yet to find someone at Accenture who is not willing to help me.

  6. Build and maintain strong relationships always.